How do I go about with this babe

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How do I go about with this babe
« on: April 19, 2019, 01:16:26 AM »
I chatdicted this gal on fb n told her let's meet up She gave excuse that she  has headache and catarrh. Fortunately I went for a program about cryptocurrency then I saw her. When I met her after the program. I approach her as if we haven't chatted b4 n den I told her who I was. She smiled n said so I'm d 1 sef  dat som1 won't bliv I'm d 1 looking 4 her trouble online. (This is the 3rd time a gal is telling me this  or maybe its my voice Tonality or my face) . I told her that she was doing shakara 4 me bt God Don catch her, she said she had it in mind 4 us to meet. As people started going home she was calling her friend so they could go to the hostel together but her friend refused, nw I have opportunity for us to walk together to her hostel. We went togethe,she was Lively , I collected her number, when we wanted to cross the road cos she was afraid I held her hand. When we reach near the hostel I was telling her she is not strong unlike me that use to gym, she laughed n said she's very strong o. I told her I have six pack n muscular chest, she said my chest is flat that her chests r bigger n well packaged.
I called her the next day cos of my birthday we talked ,she wished me happy birthday she was asking of her share of cake . We were talking O b4 I knw she said she is a good friend (I dnt knw if she is friendZoning me).
After 3days I called her n told her to help me charge my phone in their hostel, she came although kept me waiting for some minutes. I told her when she's done charging my phone she should meet me in class close to their hostel but she refused telling me I should come n wait 4 her when it's 11pm in front of her hostel n she'll gimme d phone that she can't come to class bcos of me. As we were talking then finally light was restored. I then went n charged my phone in class.
After some days I call her to charge my phone she wasn't in hostel(i tried calling other ladies I know to charge my phone bt it didn't work).
I then called yesterday I told her I know she has already went home For easter brk bt she said she's still in sch I told her let's meet lemme do her bye bye she said no that no need that I've done bye bye to her already  . I told her how many minutes will it even take bt she said do we use to meet b4, dat will I give her money etc, I just don't come I have heard you n i end the call.

I am starting to feel the difficulties of being rejected cos this year I really went out n approach alot of ladies, only 2 ladies didn't gimme their number bt after collecting number and calling them I don't seem to go far

Re: How do I go about with this babe
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2019, 03:31:24 PM »
Congrats for going out and approaching. It's a great achievement. It will boost your overall confidence.

The reason for the final stage failure is the vibe. You're controlling the show, but you give off a little pushy vibe.

You always want to meet them multiple times a day. You always want to see them. You always want to let them know it's your celebration day.

You always want to say goodbye. You always want to do something that'll make the two of you come together.

It's not your job to make the two of you come together or meet.

Your job is to get her hooked and madly in love via chat or call until she's the one yearning for the two of you to meet.

Use ChatDicted and FemaleSextapes to achieve this. 

You're doing the opposite. You're the one yearning for meet-up, not her. You're chasing instead of making them chase you. If you read WooTalks, you'll see where Joe Clef explained why.

Make a girl yearn to meet you and not the other way round. You're too available.