Liking a woman

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Liking a woman
« on: August 08, 2021, 10:09:54 PM »
I'm still reading ChatDicted.

I noticed that you often used words like sweetheart, honey, dear, etc to address the girl. But I thought a guy is not meant to show a girl that he likes her so as to keep her guessing and chasing. Don't those words convey the message that you like her already.

Re: Liking a woman
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Yes, they do. Those words warm her up and put her on your palms. It makes her see you as her man even without proposing to her. In our other book, Mr. Friendzone, we teach against proposing.

Telling or calling a woman sweet names, yet your character isn't 100% sweet makes her confused.

All you're doing is to confuse her brain with your words that didn't match your overall attitude towards her.

She'll have a lot to think and analyze about you. Causing confusion in a woman's brain makes her think about you more than other guys.

The more a woman thinks about you, the more she falls in love and become addicted to you. Though, don't overdo it.

Calling her those sweet names is only bad when your character aligns with it. This lets her know you're in love with her and this is not your aim.

Your aim is to keep her confused, emotionally invested in you, and intrigued for as long as you want and those sweet words with a character that doesn't match it work.

Example of being sweet yet, it didn't match your character.

You: Sweetheart, guess what?
Her: What?
You: Guess first joor, naughty girl.
Her: I don't know what to guess o!

At this moment, go offline and  don't reply her for some minutes or hours.

When you come back, call her a bad girl or tell her I hate you.

At this moment, the sweetheart you called her earlier didn't match your subsequent characters.

That's what I mean.

The end.

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Re: Liking a woman
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Okay, thanks