What's this sign ?

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What's this sign ?
« on: February 15, 2019, 12:22:16 AM »
Something has been happening lately , once i get a girls number I stop chatting with them or even call her after the first call which comes when I decide to and that takes a long time .
Remember daisy that I posted our chats here and asked how I would get her number , but then I decided not to chat with her again but recently she initiated a chat saying " he has forgotten me oooh" at first I didn't want to reply but after an hour I decided to but somewhere along the chat she asked me off airtime but I told her I have retired from doing that am now waiting for pension , she said she is on her knees but I told her once her knees are broken her punishment is finished and she can go back to her seat but then she got angry then I called that one a day .
The day Chelsea lost 6 - 0 to city I initiated a chat with her so I can tease her with that but she saw it and didn't reply then i decided not to chat with her again .
Is anything wrong with me , cuz since I met this wetclef and read chatdicted 190 pages and practiced the best I can although I am not even 10% close to mastering how it works this just how it has been for me .

Re: What's this sign ?
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Nothing is wrong. You just need more women to tease on your table.

You only read the free version of ChatDicted and you're already good to an extent, so what will happen when you master everything in the whole book?

Don't be in a hurry to be a pro. If you're in a hurry, you'll become desperate and easily angry with women.

Men who are in a hurry always end up being depressed when things don't go their way.

Have you read the post on stopping a woman's demanding syndrome? If you haven't, go to wetclef and search for it.

Re: What's this sign ?
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2019, 10:27:46 AM »
You're right maybe be am being a bit to fast but then we have to know our weakness and problems and work towards getting better .
I wish I could afford the books now especially lasticle cause I have a problem here but then I got to be patient hope the book will still be available in the future whenever I have the money to buy it .

Re: What's this sign ?
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2019, 10:30:38 AM »
what happened to ilast game ? I need the PDF file .

Re: What's this sign ?
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pls i also need that book too
hope has a warrior

Re: What's this sign ?
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Re: What's this sign ?
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Hello I have been seeing this girl of late , appl

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Hello I need advice on what step to take next , I have been seeing a girl of late , though I don't ask her out , but I have created a sexual flow with her , through phone call and to the extent we talk naughty on the Phone and to the extent of sexing her via phone, she is into me because she do call me , every day and then , later on I help her get a job so that we could be close and working together so as to builds more bond, but since then  I started noticing when we are together she recieve calls , and also notice she do chart with some one when we are together on work and that get me  upset but I try not to show it , there was dis day I saw some one she store d name as baby boo calling and then she immediately end the call. Since then I b4 then I noticed the attention she normally gives me by calling me every day asking me hw I am , if have eating and all day stop I am doing the calling more now and I feel am now catching feeling. There was dis day I went visiting her at her place and b4 I left she says she would call but dint and later we n she sent a text thanking me for comming and visiting her despite my work schedule and all that , which I reply her via text telling her when your heart belongs to someone u just want to be there for that person. After some days we didn't speak and she dint call , after which I called her and says I dint hear from her and all that which she reply by saying sorry , after that we just talk briefly and I was about going somewhere so I told her would talk later but don't call , after that day I decided to call her the Next day by 11pm ..she dint pick dis is some one I use to call late b4 and she picks my call , later I call her after a  day in the morning which she picks and then I ask her why she didn't return my call after and she said she was supprise am calling her late and den I responded by saying so because I called late that was why she didn't return my call ,the next thing she said was what am I trying to do dat dis is morning I she needs to greet her mom she would call me back ,which she never did later on ,so I didn't call her that day again and then d next day I called her she didn't pick or reply my been two days now.. I have decided not to call her again and even if she calls am not picking her call, so please advise me because I am already catching feeling for her but don't know what steps to take.



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Re: What's this sign ?
« Reply #8 on: May 08, 2020, 11:32:13 PM »
Ok. Before answermachine go answer u. Let me tell u where u ruined things up. You actually shot yourself in the foot.

Attraction is not always certain, especially when u don't know what you're doing. Its 1 thing to trigger attraction in a woman, and another thing is to stay on track, else it will disappear.

At some point she felt attraction for you. Calling u everyday, the phone sex, and things were running smooth between the both of u. You receive her calls everyday, right? That's the number 1 mistake. You were carried away with feelings  and emotions.

You broke one of the rules, and the rule state that; Don't try to be her therapist for her problems. You helped her got a job. Am not saying u shouldn't help a girl or give her some support. Don't just do those things in the initial stage especially if its a girl u have intention for. Mistake number 2.

You said "I helped her get a job so that we could be close and working together so as to builds more bond". (Wrong theory). In other words u guys see each other almost everyday, right?

LOVE is psychological, it don't just happen. The saying; Love at first sight is a myth. Its when a girl starts missing u and think about u, that's when she will begin to convince herself like "wow I think I love this guy, I don't know I just think so". It seems u didn't give her that space for love to build up, and u didn't give her the gift of missing u, probably because u were scared of losing her. Mistake number 3.

All in all, the fact is, you gave her power without realizing it, and that's why she's doing these things to u. You're the one that is suppose to be annoying her, not her annoying u. You see, this mistake is very easy to make. You're now the chaser, putting effort. Now u need to get ur power back!

Good, that u don't want to call her again. Nice one. But u must discipline yourself not to really to do so because talk is cheap. Go no contact, no calls, no sms, no WhatsApp. Don't contact her in anyway again. Keep working on ur game and meet other women.