How do I converse with this girl I like?

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How do I converse with this girl I like?
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Happy new year guys.
I am a 21 year old guy.At my age,i am incapable of holding a conversation with a girl which is very frustrating.In my secondary school days,i was always in company of my male friends.I hardly converse with girls.I remember my mum telling me not to pay attention to women and face my studies.I heeded her advice(Though I don't blame my mom for my present predicament.She meant well for me then).
I am in currently in my 4th year in the  University.There happens to be a girl I have been crushing on since my 200l days.But I couldn't approach her.I didn't know how I could approach her.I did not know what I would say If I approached her.When I got to 300l,i decided to chat her up after getting her number from my dept group chat.Things didn't go well when I chatted with her.She was indifferent about our chat ups judging by her reply to my messages.So I stopped chatting with her(I posted the chats on happened during the holiday after my final 300l exams.
When school resumed after the holiday,I avoided her like a plague.Anytime we got to see each other,i forcefully exchanged greetings with her for old time sake.I couldn't go past the level of greeting because I didn't know what to converse with her.
It got to a point,she told me one-day we saw each other in school that I don't relate with her like i know her in school.That I was always avoiding her.I just laughed and kept mute.I didn't know what to say to her.Her friend called her and interrupted any impromptu conversation we were about having to my favour.Her friend saved me the embarrassment I would have caused myself.
I really like this girl.But I don't know how to go about conversing with her.I have sat close to her couple of time in our lab classes.But I find it difficult to talk to her owing to my cluelessness regarding what to say to her.
My ordeal today prompted me to seek help.I screwed up another chance to converse with her after embarrassing myself.I have been in a bad mood since I come back home after class
Pls,I have the intention of talking to her.But I don't know how to go about it.Help a brother.
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Re: How do I converse with this girl I like?
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Re: How do I converse with this girl I like?
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Your case is simple. Use iEarth or Earthic, then use FemaleSextapes. The way we do it here, we take men from stage to stage. If you jump, you won't learn anything.

Your first stage is ChatDicted. This book has too many secrets that'll change your chat and how you converse with women. If you have read it, then FemaleSextapes is next. Here is how it looks:
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