I am catching feelings and it's dangerous

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Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
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I think myself and my new GF are in trouble, my ex has been crying all day, and she threaten to confront my new GF saying she back stabbed her. My new GF is actually scared, she is no longer comfortable. What's your take on this wise one. I anticipate your wisdom

Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
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Nice. Drama is good as long as knife and guns are not involved.

Let me ask you a question.

Would you prefer to be in a situation where women are fighting over you? (Good-bad Guy alpha male) OR a situation you're fighting over a woman? (Nice guy beta male).

Yes, you're not happy with the drama going on, but deep down, you FEEL good.

When women fight over a man, it boosts the man's confidence and ego. The man becomes more valuable and attractive in other women's eyes.

If you can't bear the drama, relocate or dump both, but keep them as "Just Friends."

Jay Z is not the best rapper, but do you see how he stays relaxed and carries himself like a king? Do the same. Stay calm and carry yourself like a king.

Let them clash all they want, but make sure  acid, knife or gun is not involved.

Don't sit a woman down and advise her, it's a waste. They are irrational. They can fight all they want.

If I may ask, who do you love more? Whatever your answer is, avoid the one you love more and go for the one that loves you more.

Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
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My new GF is scared, she is avoiding me totally, she said she ain't comfortable with my Ex attitude, she may harm her

Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
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Many thanks @answer machine.

I'm among the batch A corp members that recently passed out, on the eve of my passing out I asked these two girls involved to move on with their lives as I am no longer interested in the whole thing.

Ever since I made the pronouncement, they have both been disturbing me even after I had left, most especially the first one lady L (the suspected bad girl). She has been crying, calling, text messaging even making unbelievable talks that I am her home, she cant erase me from her memory that she loves me so much that she wasn't sure of my intention for her from the start, that she wasn't cheating on me as suspected that she thought I was in for just sex with her but she now understand it's not so after my roomie explained to her what I went through those times she wasn't giving me attention, (I didn't tell you this though) plus she had the relationship issue to deal with like she was trying to figure out if I was real for her, she even promised to help me, that I can call on her for assistance and she is ready to, to the best of her ability, that I should forgive her, she will be glad to spend the rest of her life with me, she is tired of playing around dicks, at this stage of her life she wants something good for herself.

On the other hand, lady A (The new girl) too has been crying that I hurt her why would I take such decision not minding her feelings for me as I console her by telling her it is for our peace plus I am not sure I will be coming back to rivers state to base and I wouldn't want a distant relationship with her. It's really not been easy for me as I have to deal with the psychological stress emanating from this and as well think of my life goals.

To be honest I still have feelings for lady L than lady A. I am not sure of their feelings though but from their gifts and other kind gestures I can say they both have invested some level of emotions in me, so far, Lady L seem to be showering me love and attention even after passing out,  she is even suggesting I rent an apartment in rivers that I  shouldn't go far opportunities  abound here, I am just careful i really don't want to believe she is being real.

What do you make of this boss?

Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
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Now you're a man, lead like a GMC.

Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
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Few months after passing out, lady L (suspected bad girl that wanted my stay in rivers) had her birthday which i ordered a portrait of her as a gift to her, on receiving this, she called and thanked as she was happy and excited, saying it her first big birthday gift from a guy and all that.

Fast forward to few weeks later, she had changed, her calls were on the low, it was now like me doing the chasing. I had thought she wasn't too fine and had some personal issues to deal with but later discovered she was alright as my instinct tells me she only wanted me do the chasing.

This continued for some weeks till i gave myself some sense and decided to stop calls and all form of communication till date. (2 months now).

She never bothered to call nor message as we both went silent, and i wasn't willing to be the one to break the silence.

Fast forward to last week, after about 2 months+, i posted a picture on FB where i was chilling in a cozy environment around town, few hours later, i got her text which tead ""her  account number asking me to please send her money, thanks baby""  I guess she must have seen my late post, then I replied to the message telling her her message to me must have been a mistake perhaps meant for someone else  and that ended the conversation as she never replied till date.

My problem now is ... I still feel for her, as much as i try to let go of her, snub her and all the silent stuff, i see her in my dreams, (i never believed such happens only thought its in movies) it's more like there haven't been rest for me lately, even whenever I'm with my new GF i subconsciously picture her, her thoughts pop my mind every now and then.

Boss i need to move on from this girl but my heart says NO! it's proving difficult for me, i need your help, not finding it funny again, sometimes i feel i could be under a spell. Its not her pussy i miss, I'm getting loads of pussies over here, I don't know but i sure know I'm not fine and something has to be done. Thanks.

Ps: lady A (her roommate) has been of good conduct as ever, i had followed your counsel of going for the one i love less, but boss to be honest, its like I'm faking my emotions for her, thats how i feel anytime, like I'm trying so hard to develop this feeling.

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