How to Hold a Conversation With a Woman. The Only Secret Formula You Need

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How To Hold A Conversation With A Woman. This Is The Only Secret Formula You Need.

This is the secret formula on how to keep a conversation with women. FemaleSextapes was developed by Joe Clef, the author of ChatDicted and other relationship books for men. He developed the book to teach men how to keep a conversation going and never lack what to say.

The good thing about this book is: it's in a structural manner. Everything is laid out in an easy to understand language with lots of examples.

Have you ever lacked what to discuss with the opposite sex? If yes, then FemaleSextapes is all you need to overcome those awkward
moments. This book goes in details on all the things you can talk about with a woman in a simple to understand language.

The FemaleSextapes is an acronym which stands for:

Stage 1

1. Family
2. Entertainment
3. Marriage
4. Ambitions
5. Language

Stage 2

6.  Sex-life
7.  Experiences-events
8. X
9. Travel
10. Ask-me
11. Problems
12. Environmental-observations
13. Scariest-encounters-ever

After some days of reading and applying this system, you will never lack what to discuss with anyone, especially women.

This is a well-researched book and it contains more than enough to help you hold a conversation for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years.

I'm glad you found this book. Your awkward moments and silence will be a thing of the past. So, you are in for a life changing experience.

You will be drilled on all the most important topics women love to discuss. Most men will delve into political discussion or worse, a religious discussion which may lead to animosity if they are of different faith.

You should try and avoid these types of topics unless you are sure he or she is of same belief and faith. This book is mostly geared towards boys and men having smooth conversations with girls or women.

The content here can be applied in seduction, i.e. in dating and in ordinary day to day conversations and also in professional interactions.

It depends on what you want to accomplish with it. If you master what is in this book, everyone you have a conversation with will fall in love with you or at least, will like you so much either consciously or subconsciously.

They will always want to speak with you next time. But, your job is to starve them a little by not giving it all out.

You‘re about to get the key to conversation and the car is all yours to ride. If you are a lady, you can also use this book to have a lengthy conversation with guys, your colleagues at work or your classmates in school.

Get a cup of coffee, adjust yourself and get ready for a life changing experience – the FemaleSextapes experience.

Since FemaleSextapes is an acronym, this is what you should do as a man.

When having a conversation with a woman, you can FemaleSextape her by asking her all the amazing questions in the book.

You don't need to make it look like an interview. All the hundreds of examples you need are inside the book, but we will give you one or two examples here.

You are a man who always lack what to say with a woman, but luckily, you have read our ChatDicted free intro — Click to download: but you want more tips on keeping a conversation going, then look at these examples:

You are Mike and she is Jessica

Mike: Naughty Jessica, how are you?
Jessica: Naughty ke! I'm not naughty o!
Mike: Oh! I remember, you're not naughty, but stubborn.
Jessica: Lol. I'm not even stubborn.
Mike: You are. Wait, you and your younger sister who looks for trouble more?
Jessica: Hahaha. It's me.
Mike: Hahaha. I said it.

It doesn't matter the age of a woman. Since women love to talk, she will talk and talk and talk. All you need to do is listen and keep teasing her or probing her with more "Family" related questions.

You can ask her who is more intelligent among her siblings. Who goes to school late the most when they were in secondary school. Who pees on bed at night when they were much younger.

FemaleSextapes book has hundreds of fun, funny, and innocently naughty questions to ask women. After asking her 3 — 4 family related question, you can use our technique called Step on Chain to navigate to a new topic, say, entertainment.

Mike: Hahaha. I said it — stubborn child. Go joor.
Jessica: But I'm no longer like that.
Mike: Longer ke. E be like say you like things wey long.
Jessica: Lol. No o! You're such a bad boy.
Mike: Talking about "longer," do you know Wizkid can't last long in bed?
Jessica: Lol. Who told you that.

From the keyword "longer," you have turned the conversation to something naughty, and now, Mike's plan is to switch to entertainment since "Wizkid" has been mentioned.

From music, Mike will talk about comedians, movies, games, current songs, songs or musicians he likes and hates or actors and actresses Jessica likes or hates.

Before you know it, they've spent 1 hour talking about current happenings in entertainment in a fun and lively way.

When the entertainment discussion is about to get boring, Mike will switch to another topic of FemaleSextapes, let's say "Traveling," and the conversation will continue.

Mike:[/b] How many states have you been to?
Jessica: 4 states. I have been to Lagos, Rivers, Enugu, and Bayelsa.
Mike: Wow! Which one did you enjoy more and which one did you see the craziest behaviors?
Jessica: I enjoyed Rivers more. The craziest behavior was in Lagos.

Now, Mike will probe her to share her Lagos story. Before you know it, she has spent 20 minutes telling a funny and crazy story about her experience in Lagos.

Women love to talk as long as the guy knows how to bring in a fun and naughty topic in an innocent manner. In this conversation, Mike will do 20% talking and 80% listening, but Jessica will do 80% talking and 20% listening.

Everything you need to master this system is inside the book called FemaleSextapes. The examples inside will wow you. Open ended questions.

After reading the book, you can have a conversation with a woman from 7 AM, in the morning, to 7 AM the next day and never lack what to discuss.

When you use this system, everything will flow flawlessly and she won't know you're using the best conversation formula called FemaleSextapes.

I could give lots of examples, but more than 100 examples are inside the book. Any man who reads the book will have an unfair advantage over millions or billions of men out there who always get nervous around women and never know what to discuss. This will make you never to run dry or become a boring conversationist.

Read it today. It's not cheap or expensive. What is inside is worth more than the price tag. Original knowledge is not cheap. If it's cheap, try ignorance.

Here is the link to grab a copy:

When the above was posted, someone said: "This does not make sense to me. cos' We don't need formula when interacting with our sisters, cousins, and male friends, but now we suddenly  need formula in order to hold a conversation with a girl you like.

 The core problem of all these is "trying to impressed a girl".. If you weren't trying to impress her, you'd talk to her just the way you talk to your sisters and friends..

My advice is  forget about these 'formula', just say what's on your mind, express what you think. Stop following some silly formula. Women are also human beings not mathematics or computer."

You have a great point, but let look at this scenario.

You are in a foreign country and you want to return. Since you're a Nigerian, does it mean you shouldn't have money in your hand?

You want to visit your cousins to spend 5 months with them. Since they're your cousins, does it mean you shouldn't go with your clothes?

You are walking on the road without a single money on you, then you saw a Chinese restaurant  and you really need to eat. Will you enter the restaurant or keep walking home? You'll not enter the restaurant. Without money in your pocket, you won't be confident to enter the restaurant to order for food.

This formula is the money or confidence we are giving men.

Do you go a Nigerian exam hall without a single preparation since Nigeria is "ours?" Someone who prepares himself to defend a school project is better than someone who isn't prepared.

In the book, and after teaching, we told our students not to be in their heads. In fact, we told them to only use the system as a backup, but let their conversation flow naturally.

Now, here is John, who knows this system and here is Emeka, who doesn't know it.

These two people are having a free flowing conversations with two ladies without using a technique. Though, John has a technique under his belt, but he's letting the conversation flow naturally, but Emeka doesn't have any.

Between these two people, who will run out of things to say faster? It's Emeka. Having a technique locked down gives John extra confidence which Emeka does not have.

For a man to be confident, there must be something you're holding on to. In conversation, having the FemaleSextapes technique gives you enormous confidence over other guys. This makes you a great conversationist. This keeps you organized.

The moment a man, country, or company is organized, greatness is inevitable. Nigeria had never been organized since 1960 and this is why the country isn't great.

Have you gone to a man's house, but when your turned, the whole compound or room isn't organized? Also, have you gone to a house or room where everything is organized? Which do you prefer?

This formula is only a way to keep men organized and not ramble from left to right without a definite direction.

In life, people who are not organized are not ready for success. In conversation, most men are not organized. Luckily, the formula "FemaleSextapes" is here to keep them stay organized. Use it and see the difference.

A man who knows one or two legal tricks is better than a man who doesn't. A blogger who knows SEO tricks is better than a blogger who doesn't. Having a formula doesn't mean you're fake, but you're prepared. Albert Einstein has lots of formula to solve different problems.

FemaleSextapes is the formula to solve conversation problems or lacking what to say between a man and a woman. Men who don't know it will always be behind the conversation spectrum. #Fact.

He came back and said: "OK, Mr A will look at a number and call it 6, while Mr B will look at that same number and call it 9. Both might be right because they're looking at it from different angles.. Based on these analogy I might say you're right..

But realistically, Let's look at it as a whole not from a specific angle;  When Mr John is talking to this new sexy girl he's attracted too, he needs FemaleSextapes in order to stay organized, confidence and not run out of things to say   right ?

And here is the funny part...> Mr John has a sexy sister (off course, he loves and respect her) but guess what; he doesn't need FemaleSextapes  to hold a conversation with her, John is organized and confident "by default" when interacting with his sister.  In fact to a large extent, he doesn't even give a fuc!k if he is not organized and confidence when talking to her which paradoxically makes him even more confident and organized. I've never on this planet earth hear any guy say he ran out things to say when taking to his sister..

Like I said before all these come from one CORE issue ..> "trying to impress the girl" so she can agree to date you or have sex with you..

 I feel "running out of  things to say" when talking to a girl you like is a symptom of a problem, and that problem is trying to impress the girl".  Every guy knows what to say when talking a girl (even if he is in a conversation with Nicky Minaj or Tiwa Savage). The reason why he is running out things to say is because he's thinking of what things to say that will make her like him or that will not get him rejected by her..

In my own opinion and based on my experience, my advice for guys is just to "speak their mind" when talking to girl, same way they speak their mind when talking to their sisters and their fellow guys. The conversation will flow better that way.

Enough said."

Here is the reply: Nice point. On this sister part, you have a point. The reason you're relaxed with your sister is because you're in your comfort zone. Talking with a girl who isn't your sister is out of your comfort zone.

When you're out of your comfort zone, you need a weapon. When you want to give a speech or defend a project, you need to be prepared. Haven't you heard the saying, "Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness"? 

Using the sister or relation's analogy, let me ask you a question. Your elder sister is a lecturer in the university you're studying. It's time for exam. Will you prepare for the exams or not?

Since you're a Nigerian, I know you won't because she'll give you 100/100 even if you don't write it. In countries where things work, you need to be prepared.

We want people to be prepared in all they do, but we don't want them to cram. Impromptu delivery is the best in a conversation, but a man who is prepared will have a better impromptu. A pastor who builds a Church without being spiritually prepared is building it for the devil.

Preparation is key to success.
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