This girl just asked me to be her boyfriend

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This girl just asked me to be her boyfriend
« on: November 24, 2018, 01:24:27 AM »
There's this girl that likes me very much in school though we don't talk. (I really do not talk much with girls.. But I wan change)... She's in 200l and I'm in 400.
Now we were on break and she kinda got my number and we started chatting from there... She's actually invested really much, She calls me at least more than 3 times a day. Some times 10 sef, most times I don't pick tho but I do chat with her more... She recharged my line sef with 1k yesterday and she's done that like 4 times and we just got really talking like a month... Now she said she wanted to ask me some questions which I accepted to cos I've been declining her too much(meh I no too do shakara)... Now here's our chat sha

Girl:Babe, the reason i asked you to check your mtn sim is because I sent 1k airtime last night and you know you haven't really been focused on the sim just your glo so sha just check it

Me:Oya take kiss 😘... Na just one o
I'll give you the rest later

Me:I'll check the Sim sha

Girl:Okay I am waiting for the kisses sha

Girl:Check it now na

Girl:Network isn't going so I guess I'd have to text

Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?

Me:I'm a fine boy na... What do you expect?
I've many

Girl:Ode be feeling yourself*(we joke also)*

Girl:Are you in any relationship?


Me:Relationship? Was in one with money... We broken up now


Girl:Ewo ni ti money bayi

Girl:Anyways I'm fucking serious with whatever I say now

Girl:As you know I really like you I don't know if you feel the same way but it'd be really nice if you do sha

Girl:Bobola, its not always the responsibility of the guy to ask the girl out........Bobola, I want you to be my Boyfriend

Me:You gats pay my groomprice... You hear?
700 cows
6,000 bottles of seaman schnapps... I'll send the remaining list later... I have to appease my ancestors

Girl:Wtf is groomprice!!!!?

Girl:Oh I get it's a Yes

Girl:What do you wanna use 700cows for? And the 6000 bottles of seaman!!!!!

Girl: ::) ::) ::)

Me:Yes kor, yes ke ni.. You know how expensive it is? You wey no fit handle me sef... Ehn ehn... What trouble did you say I was in?(wanted to divert the question, been long I read chadicted(around april and haven't been practicing also)

Girl:Seriously!!!? Okay


Girl:Most annoying thing I have heard today.......... I'll get over it quickly nvm(not as if you mind before sef). You aren't in any trouble, I was just joking

I haven't replied her yet tho... I don't wanna grant her cos I know the tables will turn... I'll be the one investing and she'd probably change... (I don learn small from wetclef but I'm a shy guy also but I Don dey open up... Na shaku cause am( I can dance it almost anywhere))

With the above, what do you think I can do and also continue doing?

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She sent this also on whatsapp after seeing me online...
Girl:So you're ignoring my text because of the whatever bitch you're chatting with on WhatsApp

Haven't replied her still tho

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You are on point. Make sure you keep the mystery like that. Unfortunately, men hardly love such a good woman.

She's too kind and invested, but this will make her look too easy in your eyes. Men want a challenge, just as women, before they can fall in love, but in her case, she doesn't pose any challenge. This will make you not to appreciate or love her the way she deserves.

Yes, don't show your love, else, the spark will diminish just act it. Keep treating her as your girlfriend, but don't profess love except humorously or during love making.

From your conversation, you're on the right track. Though, there is more humor and no sexual innuendo. Try to add sexual tension. Tease her in a fun and naughty way. For the PP, you're good.

In summary, you're on point. Make sure you read Mr. Friend Zone. Download the free version here

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Thanks @answermachine... I appreciate it

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I'll add what you said