How Can I Woo a Girl and Stop Being Nervous and Afraid?

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How Can I Woo a Girl and Stop Being Nervous and Afraid?
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Hey peeps I come into you in the name of God, please help a bro out, when i was younger, my two sisters with the help of my mum always told me that i am not handsome thanks to how wretched i looked back then, fast forward to present day (even tho my physical appearance is more appealing now), those statement has actually destroy my self esteem, no matter how much I try to talk to girls, I keep remembering all those deeming words they used to describe me when I was young,

No matter how much I try, no matter the books I read (even ilegend books), its always the same, I either forget what to say or I will be so scared to even say 'hi'

At first I thought that it was my introvert nature, but I now know it's far worse than that because my friends are introvert too but they can talk to any girl they want.

Please guys help me out, is it my self esteem ? if yes, how can I boost my self esteem, I will be 22 next week and its same old story for me, no girl to wish me happy birthday excpet my sister and my mum ( ie if they remembere  :-\)

I'm really depress because of this issue, and I will love to combat it before I enter a new year. Thank you  :)
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Re: How to woo a girl
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Re: How to woo a girl
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Don't be depressed. Millions of men go through it. It's already psychological. If you don't handle the psychological aspect, no book will work for you.

How do you handle it? This is what you should do.

1. You MUST hit the gym even if you think you are skinny
2. You MUST refocus your mind on lasting long in bed, not wooing women
3.  You MUST start acting "arrogant mixed with humor" towards women an I don't-care-beahvior.

Hiting the gym to develop strength / muscles and lasting long in bed are extremely important.

They are the two thing that will change your mind and erase those thoughts your siblings embedded in your head.

They didn't call you ugly because you were ugly, they did it because you were stubborn and you offended them.

They called you ugly because they wanted to retaliate from  your stubbornness towards them and this is coming to hunt you at this stage. It's all in your head head. The more you think about it, the worse it will get that is how self-limiting belief works. You are the cause of what you're facing, not your siblings.

Since you're the cause, you need to carry the cross by not just thinking positively, but by registering at a gym center (if you do it yourself, you'll give up easily thinking it's stressful and difficult).

Then, you need to start jelping (penis) exercise to give you bedroom stamina. Do you know lasting long in bed boosts men's confidence?

Let me ask you a question: When you know you're not a 1 minute man, how will you feel around women? You'll feel extremely confident or arrogant. Talking about lasting long, I know you'll say, "Which girl am I going to use to practice lasting long in bed?" Fleshlight will help, Google it.

Did you notice the two things we want you to do are not about wooing women, but health, stamina, and confidence buildinh? When you achieve these two things, the confidence will make getting any woman easy.

Though, there are two more options which are:

1. Focus on making money and use money to get them (you'll only get gold diggers)
2. Focus on learning a digital skill (it will boost your confidence and fetch you money at last)

If you can boost your confidence, you can get any woman. Have you read Eye Confidence? Anyway, you said books are not working for you. If true, then practical of the above should work.

If you're daring, you can do all the things I listed above. If you don't want to dare, then I'm sorry there is no success for a lazy man. Get up and get started.