What are the Lines to Use in Talking to a Girl for the First Time on the Street

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Please i would like you to help me with some lines i can use to talk to a girl for the first time.  A ice break lines i can use to get started in talking to a girl for the first time in street or so. I would be awaiting your response.Thanks
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How to talk/woo a girl for the first time. Everything you need is in the Book called WooTalks. Invest in it and your game would surely skyrocket.

Extra tips to what VIPE said.

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How to woo girls physically without breaking down?


To woo a girl physically, you need to know what you want and don't spend more than 5 minutes speaking with her except otherwise. No, you won't break down you're not a car. Neither are you going to woo her for 20 hours.

There are two ways we teach men on how to woo a lady.

 1.  Direct Approach
 2.  Indirect Approach

Under indirect, we recommend you use situational opener.

She's seated close to you in a place and you want to woo her, then use a situational opener. Use whatever she's doing, wearing, or holding to start a conversation.

Our advice to men is, don't jump around looking for women to woo, but woo when you accidentally bump on a lady you like.


Situational indirect approach.
She's wearing a pair beautiful shoes.

You: I like your shoe.
Her: Thank you.
You: Only thank you?
Her: Laughs. What do want me to say?
You: Never mind. Wait! I just noticed something.
Her: What?
You: This is exactly the same shoe my grandma bought in the 90s. Sadly, someone stole it.
You: I'm suspecting you. Are you sure you're not the one who stole it?
Her: Hahahahahaha. No o!
You: Show me your leg again let me take a closer look! 
You: [PE] Na the shoe be that. I don catch you today. Naughty criminal. SARS must hear this.

Lead like a GMC.

This is not a conversation for you to follow word for word, but as an example of a situational opener.

You need to be creative in coming up with your personal and unique lines on the spot. Don't go memorizing lines it will make you nervous.

Allow it to flow naturally after doing your practice at home. Everything you need is contained in our WooTalks book.

Ask as many relationship questions as you have. We will answer you as soon as possible. We have all the answers you need to every single relationship dilemma men and women face.

What about the Direct Approach @AnswerMachine


Direct approach is good, but it's the big man's way. This type of approach lacks depth, foundation, and bond.

Relationships based on this approach don't last too long because you didn't tease or create trouble you just went for what you want.

People who use direct approach a lot are mostly:

1. Typical bad boys
2. Play boys
3. Rich men
4. Famous men
5. Handsome men
6. Confident men
7. Tall men

Even if you have some of the above qualities, we recommend a situational opener because women are after how you treat them (how you make them feel) and not about all the things above. The things above are bonus to how you make them feel.

Example: Kiss Daniel using a direct opener.

You: Excuse me.
(She stops)
You: My name is Daniel. I would like to know you. Do you mind?
(She'll stand there feeling happy or nervous inside, but will suppress it.)
Her: Sure! But I don't know you yet.
You: Don't worry. You'll soon know me.
(He brings out his phone and gives it to her to type her number)

Did you notice how he acted nice by saying, "I would like to know you. Do you mind?" In this instance, he is seeking approval, but since he has some of the qualities above, he's doing it with confidence and the girl can feel it. Confidence is key. He wooed her in less than 2 minutes.

After exchanging numbers:

You: So, are you from here or you came visiting?
Her: I live around (or I came to visit a friend).
You: Alright. I'll give you a call when I get home.
Her: Okay.

He walks away or enters his car. This is direct approach. No games, no stories. Just get what you want and walk away.

A typical bad boy's direct approach:

You: Hey!
You: Damn! You gotta fine ass.
Her: Smiles (thank you) or angry.
You: Who are you making that funny face for?
You: Anyway, I like what I'm seeing. What's your name?
Her: Replies you or walks away.

Direct approach requires 100% I-don't-care attitude. It could be delivered responsibly or in a raw manner. People with abundance mentality use it alot, but we recommend situational opener because it creates connections and bond faster and it makes women laugh unlike direct approach which is like an interview, too forward, and most times rude. If you're a GMC, it doesn't matter.