how to know a fit and strong guy and how they behave

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how to know a fit and strong guy and how they behave
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:34:03 PM »
I was talking to one girl when we enter into sexual part, she told me that I look weak that am not fit and strong anyone that look at my face will know am weak and dull Normally I have quiet and innocent face, sometimes when I talk and crack joke people will be surprised by saying so this boy can talk like this .the girl also told me even the way I walk shows that am a weak guy tht can not even go up to 2 minutes, (but she still talks and chat me up on whattsapp) those statement pain me ooo  but I didn't show it was laughing over it. I started doing early morning jogging in other to look strong and fit , but am not a slim guy. please which other exercise should I do so that I will look strong and fit also please is their any pattern of walking that shows that u are a weak man, please tell me how do fit and strong men walk and is there any style of walking that shows that you can not last long?