I think my childhood affects my game

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I think my childhood affects my game
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When I was a child I was  introverted. I don't care about ladies I just hang out with guys it became prominent in secondary school I was shy of girls I like .The first girl I loved was in jss3.When I was in jss3 I admired a girl, she was ex to my childhood friend and classmate.

I was in B class and she was in A in JSS1 and 2 but in Jss3 we were joined cos it's the largest hall in the school. When we were joined together I had opportunity to meet her. My best friend once told me she said I don't talk to her(I started reasoning maybe she like me). One of our teacher likes her and gives her good marks, unlike us that need to read hard to get good marks. The next day I went and spoke to her, we talk for about 30mins(that's the longest time I've ever talked to a girl I like at that time).

The next term we were in same sit, I finally had opportunity. We became very close, I use to escort her almost everyday till I go close to her house b4 I go to mine, my house is very far from hers (pple started suspecting somtin btw us). One day she asked me for if I have phone I told her no I ask her does she want to give me her phone number she just smiled. After some days I ask for her number she refused that I don't have phone.

Since I had a sim card I collected her number from best friend ;her ex told me he will send sweet text msgs to her as his rival I eagerly send her romantic msg with my brothers phone when I went home. The next day I told her I was the one who sent her the msg she ask where I got her number I told her my friend gave me. Her ex once was challenging me n my best friend to tell her our feelings  if we are man enough.

The day I planned to come to her house and tell her how I feel was the day she came to tell us she was leaving the school. (up til today I've never told a girl face to face that I love her). But surprisingly she came back in ss1and low and behold another guy was competing with me for the girl she touches her, he usually collects her phone etc I was just not confident my hrt beats fast because of her.

She later left the school. When we finish ss3 I collect her new number from her friend and was flirting with her, telling her is she single that I will marry her. She was just laughing and saying I was now a bad boy that she prefer the innocent me in secondary school. I later noticed she doesn't call me so I talk to her about it and she  was denying later she called me.

Many months later I got admission and  called her she was asking who is this, I became angry asking her why she deleted my number bt she said she lost all her contacts (I knw she was lying). One day when Mtn gave me free credit I called her and was talking about school and how busy I was to even read Bible regular. She started preaching to me it was very boring.

I then changed the topic the call lasted 30mins. After reasoning that the girl never called me since when I told her to call me last I deleted  her number.

In higher institution, it wasn't as easy as in secondary school. I faced alota challenges cos of my secondary school days. I met ladies I talked to very well but always delay in collecting number, that cost me a lot. I am very bold In chats but in real life I am still not confident with ladies. The worst is that I will start well with a girl but later fuck up. Until 2015 when I browse how to woo a girl I saw some interesting stufs like tease a girl, be confident etc. I never understood that. I ignore the whole stuff.

In 200L when my brother showed me nairaland and talk about Charles Nneji It was then I had that all what I have been doing towards attracting a woman was wrong. I read many of his thread try it and when it worked I began copying and pasting I usually get hooked when ladies say what I didn't expect. I also bump on ilegend, he was going deeper into female psychology, how to chat with ladies and how to keep conversation with them and that all ladies are naughty.

I didn't believe it fully till last year when I saw what he saw. Then I accidentally bump on Harddon, he challenged me very well cos I have been very careful with ladies wanting not to hurt them. I learned Cocky and funny, it took me time cos ladies insult me that I'm rude or I become too funny and they don't take me seriously. In thesame year some one recommended the game by Neil Strauss it open my eyes to other PUA books like mystery method, make her chase you, double your dating etc.

In 300L,under the recommendation of my brother I read eye opening threads by Ubunja. He opened my eyes to tricks ladies use. I learned alot from Nairaland. I also read from Wetclef and now here I am in manymen.

Until now I still have problem with Ladies, don't have that confidence being an introvert, I can talk to them make them laugh but never go further, I'm still young in learning game.

P. S.
I don't want to repeat the same mistakes I've made before. The past is history, no matter how much I fail I want to Learn more from you. This 2019 will be great.
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Re: I think my childhood affects my game
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Re: I think my childhood affects my game
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Wow! Your journey is interesting. You have literarily read from the best. I know your problem and I know the solution. Your problems is sex. No one will ever tell you this.

Despite how many million dating books you read, if you haven't had sex or if you think you aren't great in bed, you'll always be scared of meeting women face to face.

The confidence being great in bed gives is 90 times more than the confidence any dating book will give you. Reread the above.

So, there is no need to be scared. You already have more than enough knowledge on women if truly you read those books or posts made by the PUAs you mentioned and not skim through.

Let me tell you what happens in your brain. When you see a woman you like, your conscious mind immediately tries to recall a pickup line to use on her. The moment this happens, you'll go blank and your heartbeat will increase. That how the brain of something who has too many unnatural lines in his head behaves.

Why? You've crammed too many pickup lines from too many gurus and you're confused on the one to use when you see a girl you like.  You are the cause of your problem, but we will solve it for you. The moment the heart rate increases, a spirit will say to you, "Even if you get her, can you satisfy her in bed?"

Rule 1: Don't have more than two mentors in the dating world, else you'll be confused with information overload. In fact, 1 is more than enough.
Rule 2: Don't cram pickup lines invent them on the spot with our iEarth and Earthic formula in WooTalks book. If you don't, you'll be in your head and that is bad.

"What should I do then?" you asked. Refocus your attention from approaching women to mastering how to be great in bed.

Now, I know you'll say, "How can I be great in bed when I don't have a girlfriend?" You don't need a girlfriend to be great in bed. You can hire one—a beautiful one.

I don't want you to read dating books or articles for now, but sex books. Not just read, but practice it.

When a man handles his bedroom's skill and knows he's great in bed, he becomes EXTREMELY confident around women and a little arrogant.

Why? Because being great in bed, even if you think you have a small penis, gives 90 times more natural confidence than all the dating books you'll ever read.

Tim Ferris said, and I paraphrase, "Find that one thing you should do that'll make every other obstacles hindering your progress become nullified and conquered."

That one thing for you is bedroom skill. Do you see how confident and arrogant those men who are great in bed act around women? Most of these men haven't read any dating books, yet they confidently talk to women like a pro. Though, you have an advantage over them because they don't know how women truly work, but they are great in bed.

So, this is the route you're going to follow. All our books are dating books except Lasticle and TheDAVIDO F*ck Guide which are sex books and last longer in bed book.

In Lasticle, there are some exercises you need to practice and they are guaranteed to change your bedroom game in 3-6 months. That is the book you should read immediately. Get it here

Yes, your childhood affected your game to an extent, but you're the one killing your game by trying to learn from all the gurus. Stop learning dating games or tricks and focus on sex game for now. If you do this, you'll be wowed. Your dating game will naturally take care of itself because you took care of a bigger obstacle called sex game as Tim Ferris would put it.

Read this analogy and it will change your mindset. If all woman's vaginas, butt, and breasts are permanently cut-off and sealed throughout the whole world, would you be shy, less confident, or lack what to say to women? No no no no.

This is to say, vagina, butt, and breasts are the reasons men are nervous around women. When you meet a transgender who removed her vagina and replaced it with a dick, then cut-off her breasts, will you be nervous around her? No no no. Why? Because she no longer has those things that make men nervous.

 In this world, everyone thinks a woman's beauty is what makes men nervous, but now, it's her VBB. (vagina, butt, and breast). There are lots of extremely handsome men around, but will you ever be nervous around them as a man? No no no.

Why? Because they don't have VBB. So, a woman's beauty is not the reason a man is nervous around her. In the physical realm, it looks as if it's the beauty, but in the spiritual realm, it's the VBB. The spiritual realm controls the physical.

If you want to succeed in anything in this life, handle the spiritual realm and the physical realm will automatically take care of itself. 

Since vagina, butt, and breasts are the reasons men go blank in front of a lady they crush on, why not master how to last forever in bed to handle the vagina and watch every other things will fall in place.

Please, handle the spiritual realm (VBB), and let the physical realm handle itself. As I am now, I have handled my spiritual realm 10+ years ago and it's the best thing I have ever done. The moment I did, the physical realm handled itself. Do what I did and you'll smile at last. Lasticle and TDFG are the answers to the spiritual realm while ChatDicted, WooTalk, FemaleSextapes, etc. are the supplements of the physical realm.

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Re: I think my childhood affects my game
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How do I know she wants it
There was this gal I was gaming last Year fast forward to during exams we once met after she wrote exams, I use my handout to fan her telling her I want to cool d fire on her head bt she told me she's tired that she is not feeling too well so I told her lemme carry her on top of wheelbarrow to my house then she said yes that let's go to my house. I use style and dodge(she onced ask me where my house was bt I didn't tell her) . Her friend came and met us we greeted n then we kept talking. I told her lemme back her and she wanted to climb my back but since it's in public I refused. she then started touching my chest I remove her hand n told her she is touching som1 property, she kept trying to touch me n i held her hand she den told me that I'm just enjoying the touch.
We then  headed towards hostel cos her friend wants to see someone while close to the tree is said that the tree in front of us is naked I smiled and told her what joined nakedness and tree she didn't say anything . When we arrived at the gate she refused to enter cos of me she said we should gist. She brought out her handkerchief put it on where I was to sit,that the reason she did this is because she likes I sat on it and we started discussing. She talked about her family, esp her brother and brought some naughty talk like her telling some ladies they are not smart that y will they allow themselves pregnant when they are not ready instead of taking contraceptives. She did most of the talking sha till her friend came back. She then started telling her friend about a guy who is will be telling her to come and see him that his sick. She said she wants to go but she's suspecting may be he has an ulterior motive, that she don't want to be drugged and taken advantage of. She then said she not feeling too well I joked telling her hope she's not pregnant. I told her come let me carry her, she obliged. I took her up and swing her she was happy until I started swinging fast and she was begging me to stop when I stopped we nearly fall down. We then kept walking till she wanted to climb Keke she was telling me to go but I refused until she finally climb Keke  she looked me and smiled before I went home.

Are these signs she wants to get laid? How do one knows t she wants to have sex with him

Re: I think my childhood affects my game
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Yes, she wants sex. Anyway, she got it from another guy that same day. The signs? It's obvious.

When a lady pretends to be sick and wants to come to your house, she wants sex. A truly sick lady is meant to go to the hospital, not a guy's house.

You already know she wants sex, but you were scared because of one of these 6 reasons:

1. You think your d*ck is small, so you don't want her to tell her friend about it
2. You think you can't last long in bed, so you refused to avoid embarrasing yourself
3. You think you're inexperienced on how to use it, so you decided never to try to avoid looking like a fool or a virgin and ruin your naughty-boy reputation
4. Your apartment was not cleaned before going out, so you don't want her to see how dirty it is
5. You have too many roommates who keep everywhere unorganized
6. There is no money at home for her food or transport

One of the above is the reason you didn't take her home, not your childhood.

In summary, you're scared of something just to protect the image and reputation you have in her eyes.

You have used ChatDicted to look like a bad boy in her eyes, but now it's time for practical, you are blaming your childhood — JUST DO IT.

Let me tell you, the greatest people on earth just did it, failed, learned from their experiences, and finally succeeded.

A man who is scared to fail will stay in fear and will never win. At the end of the day or his life, he'll be depressed or jealous of other people who are taking action.

Comfort zone is a disease—it's worse than friend zone and rejection.
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Re: I think my childhood affects my game
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Thanks for the advice
yes u are right the reason is number 5 (I have a roommate that likes bringing his male friends to home) n partly 6 . I have 2 roommate n they r all at home when I left to read in school before meeting the girl... I somehow know she wants sex but as I calculated the possibility I just forgot about the whole thing.