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Agreement Page
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All our books have a copyright agreement.

They are not transferable or resellable and don't let anyone know you have a copy / some copies.

If you do, you've violated our copyright and it's bad. Defaulters will be sued if caught.

We hope you know and please, help us and protect them.

Scamming is not allowed and we know you're not a scammer. Thank you for your understanding.

As long as you practice what is contained in those books, you'll see results guaranteed.

If you agree with the copyright agreement, reply with "agreed".

If you disagree, send us your account to get your money back.

You'll get your book(s) today, before 11 PM (our default delivery time) so be patient with us.

We need to switch on the computer and customize your book(s) with your unique password your entire email address (all in lowercase) will be your password.

Also, when you get your book(s), kindly have a backup because if you lose the file(s) and request for a resend, you'll pay 50% of the "current" selling price.

Type "agreed," then type your email address if you want us to proceed in getting your book(s) ready.