my Final escapade 2

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my Final escapade 2
« on: October 22, 2019, 09:24:10 PM »
I came into night class to read when I saw a beautiful damsel
I quickly sat near her and pretended I didn't noticed her. Suddenly 1 guy came inside the class on switched fans and started playing music. The lady started complaining that some people don't come to school to read. I chipped in and started talking(I'll tell you what happened btw me and her later) . Another lady left the front sit because of fan and came towards our side. This second gal caught my attention, so later after reading, I came to her sit and told her see the way smoke is coming out of her head,when she laughed I know I'll succeed. We talked for a while, I collected her number and left.
After 3days I called bt her number was switched off, then after another 2days i called n ask her who was talking n immediately she said I was the one I asked her how she knew she said by my voice. Things went fine until the day I told her let's meet she said she wasn't feeling fine(she has cold and catarrh). The next time I called her she didn't pick, i called after 2days she didn't pick nor call back, i call 1 last time she didn't pick so I deleted her number. After 1 hour i saw a strange number called me, when i answered she was the one bt I didn't knw until I ask n she was surprised that I jst called her. I gave an excuse that my phone had problem.
Another time I called she didn't pick bt call back. I told her let's meet she gave another excuse so finally I deleted her number.
The next day, I saw that first girl (beautiful damsel) I saw in night class sitting alone reading, so I approached her, greeted her and told her I observed she's always writing something. To my greatest surprised She didn't say anything. I continue talking and she was answering monosyllabically. I got tired and left, everyday I use to see the girl but it seems she doesn't like me or something like that.

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