my Final escapade

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my Final escapade
« on: October 22, 2019, 09:21:15 PM »
I met this girl during exams for first semester, as usual I cracked her up during our first convo, I told her she looked familiar like the girl forcing me to eat eba in my dream she laughed hard, collected her digits and as a rule called her after 2days,I nicknamed her troublemaker even though I was the one looking for trouble. The gal is curvy, thats why I approached her. After talking on phone for sometime I scheduled a meet up she gave excuse that we can't meet in the morning of the next day I said I was referring to evening, then she agreed bt when I called in evening she didn't pick d first time when I called the second time she said she forgot we were supposed to meet. I let it slide the first time. Another time I called she said she wanted to enter school i ask where she was reading bt she didn't really tell me, after her friends said something in the background . It seems she was avoiding us to meet, i started doubting the girl.
So I decided to do somtin. I told came towards her hostel then called and told her I am passing towards her hostel but she told me happy passing I told her won't she come and see me she said she will always see me any other time i said she won't see me again I'm tru wit studies can u imagine this lady told me I should wait she's coming now. When she came I hugged her, she was lively that day eh.
Fast-forward to this second semester, I called her for a meet up and she agreed when I came to see my friend opposite their hostel. At first she told me she was doing something bt when she was free she called me (that was the first time she called me) and we met, I held her hand, put my hand around her shoulder, i made her laugh and input some SMH, I made the conversation a little bit sexual. After that day I think I started falling in love. Since then I started thinking of asking her out.
Suddenly, her hostel had light issues so her phone is always switched off, i cudnt reach her except I accidentally meet her on the road. I once invited her to my sendforth graduation, she told me she had exams, i told her it won't take long. I want her to join me in celebrating bt she disappointed me and didn't come. I was pissed off and didn't call her. After 1 week I send her msg telling her I wasn't happy what she did, she apologized.
Most times I called her number is switched off for up to a month. Recently they had light and it was a week to exams. I called her a few times and she also called back. I observed that we are getting closer and forming a strong bond so the week b4 I finish exam i called her on Saturday morning n told her let's meet in the evening (I wanted asking her out). She gave excuse that she can't come she's busy, she has exams blah blah blah. I told her dats y I chose Saturday cos on Sunday no exams bt she gave excuses for Sunday. I wanted cancelling our meeting bt later agreed that we meet on Sunday after church (we attend same church). On Sunday she disappointed me she didn't come n didn't call.
At that time I shake my head, this gal is just tolerating me. I changed her name in my phone from troublemaker to her real name. I promise never to call her again or do anything with her again. After 1 week she called, apologizing that the Sunday we are supposed to meet her dad told her to come home that's why she's not in church. I told her had it been she agreed for Saturday we wouldn't have this convo. She gave alot of excuses and said next time she won't do like that. I told her there is no next time. I will b tru with my final exams and that's all. After I was through with exams I posted on social media my graduation pix and the rest. She called me congratulating me and saying she miss me and all my troubles. Bt mind have already made up my mind and I'm not going back.

Re: my Final escapade
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2019, 09:37:00 AM »
Nice interaction, but you acted needy throughout without knowing.

Her curves made you to lose concentration. Haven't you heard Cleffer don't ask women out on a date? I guess you haven't read book 1: Mr. Friendzone.

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