wooing a twin👱👱

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wooing a twin👱👱
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Hello Wetclef I'm one of your clients,I bought chatdicted 1.0 & 2.0.
I have a question,there is this twin girls in my school that I've been seeing around but haven't talked to any of them,they've seen me around but they haven't talked to me either and this is because they are in a different faculty from mine so there's never been a window of opportunity to talk to them, now,I'm not trying to woo both of them but I can't distinguish between them and this brings me to my question.
How do I woo any of them,I'd like to repeat that I can't distinguish between the both of them

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Since you can't distinguish them, you need to use humor to talk to any of them you meet.

You saw one of them and said...

You: Wait a minute! How does your younger brother identify who is who?
Her: Laughs/smile. How?
You: I have spent 15 years, 15 hours, and 15 seconds trying to differentiate the two of you. P-square didn't take me this long.
Her: Hahahaha. 15 years?
You: Yes na. I even thought of buying a permanent marker, catch one of you, and paint you pink.
Her: Hahahaha. You're so funny.
You: I'm serious. Anyway, what's your name?
Her: Jennifer.
You: What about your sister?
Her: She's Jessica.
You: Hmmm! Make una take am jeje o!
Her: Hahahaha.
You: So...

From here, spot something on her face that you'll use to differentiate her from her twin sister.

Don't follow the scenario above word for word, but use it as an inspiration.

Better yet, read WooTalks and you'll see lots of examples.
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