I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...

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I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
« on: August 22, 2019, 10:03:59 PM »
Currently undergoing training in an IT facility training centre and there's this pretty girl that was newly employed. Ever since she was employed attention(especially from guys) was never a problem as she was given overdose with it. It was even too much that she even orders them and calls them around and they would follow her up instanta. Atimes she's always at the centre of every damn conversation and you'd feel guys getting happy just because she called or is around. I'd be talking to a guy and next she'll call the guy immediately the guy follows. Atimes it's like guys are trying to impress the girl...
Honestly speaking, i hate it when i see guys try to impress a girl, it makes them look weak somehow. On MY part, i don't send the girl because i kinda don't want anything to do with her as i'm trying to acquire a networking digital skill and thankfully i'm almost through.. but today something happened; I was browsing through a movie site while she was watching from behind unknown to me, thus the convo

She; Can you download movies from here?
Me; yeah
She; what's the name?
Me; It's  _______
She; Download a film na (Someone i hardly or even talk to)
Me; (jokingly) Download from your head...your big head
She; *giggles mildly* hmm you re rude o

As a learner, was she trying to gain control of me as she does to other guys? Was i being rude? I'm thinking i kinda surprised her as i didn't respond like other guys cos i hate doing things for women especially when i owe them nothing and yet demanding anyhow...

I'd appreciate your anticipated scoldings tho...

Re: I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
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Re: I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
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No, you were not rude. It's called push and pull.

What you did is push. The next action will be pull.

Read the free version of ChatDicted

Re: I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
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Thanks for the tips sir. I have a copy of the chatdicted 1.0...

The pull... I'll deeply appreciate some concepts on how it should be done.I need your coaching on how this pull should done not just on this girl but other girls so that i'll learn...

Thanks again.

Re: I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
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You're welcome. I don't think you have read the full book. It's 550 pages.

PP is all about being bad to a girl today and being good to her the next. It's more like being unpredictable.

In chatting, it's about having a great, funny, and naughty chat with her, then all of a sudden, you read her message, but don't reply. She'll start wondering what she did wrong.

Reread the entire 550 page book and you'll see countless of examples.

Re: I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
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Alright thanks again for the tips once more... Anyways i've got a chat i'd like you to review...

Corrections are appreciated...

[8/3, 2:14 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Miss trouble are you not tired of looking at
[8/3, 2:32 PM] Her: Who is this
[8/3, 3:03 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: It's the guy you stole his 7th birthday cake
from n i'm here to avenge you.. duh
[8/3, 3:15 PM] Her: When your ready
[8/3, 3:48 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Ready ke? to sing? I knew it so you like
singing shey
[8/3, 3:48 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: whatsgood
[8/3, 4:12 PM] Her: Ur name
[8/3, 4:12 PM] Her: fny
[8/3, 7:02 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Promise me you won't seduce me once i tell
[8/3, 8:16 PM] Her: i will try
[8/3, 9:48 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: You think i'd go with that huh? trying to have
me to yourself.. naughty girl
[8/3, 10:12 PM] Her: God help me
[8/3, 10:12 PM] Her: Reveal yoursef now
[8/3, 10:13 PM] Her: Are you not strong enough
[8/4, 11:23 AM] __AnyiRibs💯: To help you from falli.... hmmm go joor
[8/4, 11:24 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: So you are saying i'm weak.. how could you... i hate you... i go teh my mommy for you and she go beat you then she wee buy biscuit for me and i will not give youuu... ntorr
[8/4, 11:25 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Anyways i hope you kicked the devil's ass with prayers today
[8/7, 9:48 PM] Her: Sure
[8/7, 9:48 PM] Her: Very funny
[8/7, 9:48 PM] Her: You wish
[8/10, 7:14 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: You mean *you wished* i was there to cuddle you up in this cold season... hmm this girl yaf spoil finish o... lemme do small shakara... Is not only for you joor 🌝
[8/10, 7:15 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Been busy tho, so i hope you didn't miss me
[8/10, 8:15 PM] Her: 🤣🤣
[8/10, 8:15 PM] Her: Cuddle
[8/10, 8:16 PM] Her: God just tell me your name
[8/10, 8:23 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: TBH you seem kinda brave...
[8/10, 8:24 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Chatting calmly with someone you don't know
[8/10, 8:25 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: But Funny enough you know me, seen me but we don't talk
[8/10, 8:25 PM] Her: Well
[8/10, 8:25 PM] Her: So why now
[8/10, 8:25 PM] Her: Plus were did we meet
[8/10, 8:26 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Don't worry you'll unravel me as long as you'll be a good girl...
[8/10, 8:26 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: But i know say you na badass sha so no spoil me o
[8/10, 8:27 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: So how has your week been?
[8/10, 8:27 PM] Her: If you know me then that good girl shouldn't be there
[8/10, 8:28 PM] Her: 🤣😆
[8/10, 8:28 PM] Her: Fny
[8/10, 8:29 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Mine has been kinda hectic....
[8/10, 8:29 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Currently on a project sef...
[8/10, 8:29 PM] Her: Me too
[8/10, 8:29 PM] Her: Much work
[8/10, 8:29 PM] Her: Final year
[8/10, 8:29 PM] Her: Or work
[8/10, 8:30 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Baby calm down joor... i'm on IT
[8/10, 8:30 PM] Her: Okay
[8/10, 8:31 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: My company just want my brain to have stretchmarks😰
[8/10, 8:31 PM] Her: So your in my school and my level
[8/10, 8:32 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: hmmm... are you trying to unravel me already??🌚
[8/10, 8:32 PM] Her: I finished my last week
[8/10, 8:32 PM] Her: Mine
[8/10, 8:32 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Where did you train?
[8/10, 8:33 PM] Her: Abuja
[8/10, 8:33 PM] Her: Civil engineering firm
[8/10, 8:34 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Hmm... lucky you
[8/10, 8:34 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: I've been doing mine since january
[8/10, 8:38 PM] Her: It's supposed to be 6 months
[8/10, 8:39 PM] Her: But are you being paid
[8/12, 8:16 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: See ya naughty head...
[8/12, 8:17 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: whatsgood joor
[8/12, 8:18 PM] Her: What makes me naughty
[8/12, 8:18 PM] Her: Fny
[8/12, 8:19 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Hmm... trying to deny? if i catch you eh
[8/12, 8:21 PM] Her: Am waiting
[8/12, 8:21 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Anyways if you were in my shoes and you need to get something for your cousin on her 20th birthday what would that be?
[8/12, 8:22 PM] Her: Shoes
[8/12, 8:22 PM] Her: Very hot ones
[8/12, 8:23 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: hmm... i thought you'd say 'Buy her a gucci g-string'...
[8/12, 8:23 PM] Her: Nah
[8/12, 8:23 PM] Her: Too personal
[8/12, 8:23 PM] Her: She's your cousin
[8/12, 8:24 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: hmmm.. not bad though..
[8/12, 8:25 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Would you let your cousin buy you that stuff?
[8/12, 8:26 PM] Her: Nah
[8/12, 8:27 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: See ya head... stop lying and request another stuff joor
[8/12, 8:27 PM] Her: An serious
[8/12, 8:27 PM] Her: Maybe swim suit
[8/12, 8:31 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: You mean these 👙👙...i said it,  so you re telling me to buy her a g-string... you yaf spoil o...🙆🏽‍♂
[8/12, 8:39 PM] Her: There is a difference
[8/12, 8:39 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Baby what's the difference na...
[8/12, 8:41 PM] Her: A swim suit is different from g string nw
[8/12, 8:50 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Believe what you like, as for me i'm buying her the g-string and if she asks, i'll just tell her you were the one that suggested it... duh  🌝
[8/12, 8:54 PM] Her: Your not biz wax
[8/12, 8:58 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: you mean you *wax* your skin??? oh lawd
[8/12, 8:58 PM] Her: Your business
[8/12, 8:59 PM] Her: Didn't you ever use slangs
[8/12, 9:00 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Me?? a good boy?... naahh... your plans to spoil me will not work joor
[8/12, 9:01 PM] Her: Ok saint whoever you are
[8/12, 9:04 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Hmmm.. it's like you missed me terribly o this one you re catching feelings anyhow... Oya cum lemme cuddle you... but no touching o or else.....
[8/12, 9:17 PM] Her: To the first part at all. Good night
[8/12, 9:54 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Look...if i've vexed you it's easy, just block me... Don't make me look like a fool...
[8/13, 9:00 AM] Her: 🤣
[8/13, 9:00 AM] Her: Am just too curious
[8/15, 8:37 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: See this talented farter o.. Stop disturbing the entire neighbourhood with ur china phone and take me out already joor... i go bite ya lips o  🌚
[8/15, 8:39 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Watchu doin
[8/15, 8:41 PM] Her: Seriously if your wanna talk, talk, enough of these games
[8/15, 8:42 PM] Her: Nothing
[8/15, 8:44 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Games ke hmm...
[8/15, 8:45 PM] Her: Yeah
[8/15, 8:46 PM] Her: If you know me so well why not just say who you are
[8/15, 8:52 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: That's the problem, U see i cannor sperll it na...
[8/15, 8:53 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Help me to spell am
[8/15, 9:08 PM] Her: God help me
[8/15, 9:09 PM] Her: I don't even understand
[8/15, 9:30 PM] __AnyiRibs💯: Abeg oo... do 62 months fasting n prayers so that He'll help us to help me to spell am🥺

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Re: I'm still a Learner and i need some coaching...
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You tried but you're too focused on humor. You're trying to make sure all your replies are funny.

You don't use PP.  Your naughtiness is okay, but not perfect. Humor is too much and it lacks PP.

You sound like a newbie in ChatDictting, so you'll get better as you practice.
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