what do i do now

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what do i do now
« on: May 15, 2019, 09:48:53 AM »
i have this girl that i fell in love with...and i "fooolishly" asked her out due to peer pressure and she said she doesn't want to spoil our friendship that we should just be friends(i'm more of a brother to her).
My issue now is what do i do now,  do i just delete her from my life or keep been friends with
N.B: i still love her..any time i bump her on the way and we talk i get goose bums.
pls what do i do?

Re: what do i do now
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@answermachine et al...ur help is needed here oh

Re: what do i do now
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Ask yourself this question. "Is this girl the only girl in the world?" If yes, then don't give up on her. If no, give up on her RIGHT NOW, else you'll regret for the rest of your life.

"What should I do next?" you asked. Start going for other women and don't hesitate to flaunt them on her face.

Still be friends with her, but don't attach emotions. Unfortunately, a girls who is hard to get or doesn't need you is always the girl a man will fall madly in love with and will never give up on.

If you're madly in love with her, it's not because you love her, but she doesn't need you.

Humans hate rejected, so they try their best to make it work. In relationship, when you try your best to make things work, you'll regret.

Those who don't try their best to make things work in dating are the ones who become successful.

You're not supposed to ask a girl out or ask her to be your girlfriend it's old fashion.

The new technique is to sneak, not ask. In your next relationship, act as the girl's boyfriend already and don't EVER ask.

Save her contact in your Gmail account but delete it on your phone.

Don't snub her be her friend, but move on. If you're a weak man, you'll still have feelings for her.

If so, then break all communications for your sanity, else you won't reason properly her thought of giving you a second chance will be filled in your subconscious mind.

Free her and free your mind. Don't ask a woman out again. Our book Mr. Friendzone focuses on that.

To solve a problem, you must know the root of the problem.

Your problem is "I still love her."

The root of the problems is "Rejection."

Since she rejected you, she has increased her values in your eyes (psychology) and now, you'll love her even MORE than you loved her before. What is hard to get is what humans will always love.

Since money is hard to get, everyone secretly loves money even though they don't talk about it.

If money becomes to easily to get, it will lose its value and no one will need it everyone will go into farming.

If the girl was all over you, calling you 12 times a day, professing how much she loves you, telling you how she can't wait to be pregnant for you, etc. by now, you would've lost interest. Why? She was too easy to get = cheap. (Psychology)

The reason almost all youths want to use an iPhone is because it's not cheap.

If Apple reduces the prices of all iPhones to ₦10,000.00, all the big guys will stop using it.

Only poor people will be happy, but after a period, they'll lose interest and start using Samsung.

So, if you're a weak man, leave her and don't communicate with her.

If you're a strong man, kill your emotions, but still be friends with her while you explore other girls.

One day, she'll get jealous and want you back, but don't yield. Now it's your turn to play hard to get.
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Re: what do i do now
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@answermachine thanks for your urgent response
But in a case where the girl still gives me this green light, whenever she's around me what do you expect I do
...i was thinking still being friends with her and look for a way to blow the hell out of her(sorry for my bad intentions but been rejected hurts as f**k).

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To be blunt with you, she didn't reject you you rejected yourself.

When you ask a woman out, you're automatically rejecting yourself, but when you sneak into a relationship with her, you're automatically accepting yourself.

You are the cause of what is happening.

She is a young woman and she did what young women have been programmed to do for years and that is see any man who asks as cheap, then decline. 

What a woman can get easily is cheap. They want chase, cheap. (Chase, as in, them chasing you to love them, not you chasing them to love you.)

Yes, if you want to act like a bad boy, you can sleep with her, then dump her, but there is nothing to gain from it.

I know if you achieve this, you'll fee better. But in life, you need to feel some pains to be stronger.

The urge to pay back is the reason people become depressed easily if they couldn't succeed in revenge.

Harboring pains is not good, but feeling it and letting it flow out of your body is great.

This is the difference between strength and stress.

Which do you prefer strength or stress?

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