this cutie I got her number and how I chatted her need help @answermachine

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Brothers if y'all really need help just ask and it shall be given @answermachine don't be shy to drop ur qstions pls I beg y'all we can really learn from your mistake I swear OK I need another insight on dese here's d chat [5/5, 9:26 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: I'm looking for trouble is she around 👀??
[5/6, 5:52 AM] ‪+bitch‬: Who's this
[5/6, 10:44 AM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: You of course 😡
[5/6, 10:46 AM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: See her naughty mouth like who's dis as if she knows how to kiss mitcheww.
[5/6, 10:46 AM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Lemme be on my way🚶🏽🚶🏽
[5/6, 2:48 PM] ‪+7‬: Who is this na
[5/6, 2:48 PM] ‪+7‬: Ur number is not saved on my phone
[5/6, 2:50 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Its Mr president !!!!
[5/6, 2:51 PM] ‪+7‬: Talk na
[5/6, 3:03 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Just like that. You sure you
could handle it.
[5/6, 3:06 PM] ‪+227‬: I don't understand you
[5/6, 3:08 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Call me Ezekiel and definitly not d biblical one oo😉and u ??
[5/6, 3:08 PM] ‪+2‬: Faith
[5/6, 3:08 PM] ‪+7‬: How did u get my number?
[5/6, 3:12 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: A girl named faith stolea 10th birth day cake
[5/6, 3:12 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Hope u won't steal dese one also🏃🏾😅
[5/6, 3:13 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Where president de get numbers na from post office naw
[5/6, 3:13 PM] Horsfall Kiani😎😎: Lemme be on ma way 🚶🏽
[5/6, 4:15 PM] ‪+7‬: Hmm
That was how I ended it she has been online probably sping to see if I'll upload my dp
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It doesn't take money to gain love

One thing I noticed was they love and cherish what is hard to get noticed when I typed lemme be on my way she was like talk na girls eh dem mumu oo thank god I stomped on mm.m if u know u know 😀😀😀
It doesn't take money to gain love

Kindly edit your post and hide her phone number for privacy reasons. When next you post a chat, save her name to hide the number.
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From the ways she chats, you'll know she has a boyfriend who is suspecting her, so she wants to act civil and uptight.

I'd advise you to find a way and get the full book to see what you're missing. It can't be re-explained in one post.

So how do I go all emotional and sexual with dese chat to not look needy @answermachine I don't have cash now for d full book so ur assistance is needed
It doesn't take money to gain love

It's by chatting like a GMC. Grand Master Chatter. He leads the girl to whatever he wants.

To chat like a GMC, you must be in control of the chat. Emotional is using Sad Anchor which means, sharing a sad story with her to make things emotional and touchy, then switch to sexual innuendo.