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what if i am the one that said happy new year first and she said same to u.
can i still use this trick?@Answermachine
Create A Thread / I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
« Last post by Lawrykings on January 06, 2019, 03:49:05 PM »
Please I need your counsel on this.

There is this girl in my place of assignment, I met her, went on a date, we kissed on first date, we even almost fucked but distraction from friends stopped that . Finally finally we got to fuck each other at some point and it continued that way.

My problem now is whenever I am around her, there are lots of fishy things about her, like I feel she isn't trustworthy and she is fucking plenty of guys and as the days goes by, I find myself developing feelings for her even though I tried to hide it by sometimes acting like I don't care, it's really eating me I don't know what to do because I feel giving her my heart would be risky. Thank you sir.
Create A Thread / Re: How can i get physical with women
« Last post by AnswerMachine on January 05, 2019, 02:31:18 PM »
Create A Thread / How can i get physical with women
« Last post by luke55720 on January 04, 2019, 10:42:29 PM »
Am having difficulties getting physical with women. I need help @ AnswerMachine.
Superb Chat. I like it. 100%
Humor is fun all men should learn it. In new years, everyone pretends to have a new year's resolution, but it usually fades on the first of April being April Fool.

If you're a man, one of the girls you've been admiring will message you to wish you happy new year, so keep it fun with some humor/typos as shown below.

If you don't have any intention on wooing her, then keep it boring as you usually do.

The chat below is not for everyone, but a few. To whom it may concern.

Mimic it, but with a twist and put a smile on her face. *life.
yes i know wat they mean pp means push and pull. Smh means sexual misinterpretation with humour

Great. When a woman acts that way, it hurts a man's ego, but don't worry. It's a story you'll share years to come and laugh about it.
yes i know wat they mean pp means push and pull. Smh means sexual misinterpretation with humour
after some weeks of chatting with this girl in the chat above i finally revealed my identity,i told her with  i am and she said ok,after this she  blocked me  immediately.wat must have happened @Answermachine

What happened is: you're in the learning phase and you're not the only one women have blocked.

As you grow in the game, things will naturally begin to make sense. Reread the full ChatDicted and you'll understand it better this time around.

Success, in anything in life, comes with some failures. If you can't handle failure, you can't handle success.

So, keep ChatDicting other girls with the right tips. Use PP and SMH a lot.

I hope you know what they mean?
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