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Create A Thread / Re: what should I do?
« Last post by skappy4real on Today at 05:41:40 PM »
Don't put pressure on yourself. See it as someone who's simply catching fun and at the same time a play on words (POW). Simply tell her to play a game with you, since she wants to unravel who you are. Plus, try to base the chat on one thing. For example.
You: So who's more troublesome amongst your siblings?
Her:  Our third born.
You:  If I spank you naughty. You that's got troubles in abundance.
Her: Lol.  blah blah.
You: You know what..
Her: What.
You. PP her.
Create A Thread / what should I do?
« Last post by Adeboi on Today at 02:40:30 PM »
I ask her a question today  and this was her reply
Create A Thread / Re: What does she mean
« Last post by skappy4real on May 20, 2019, 08:17:23 PM »
It's just her own way of saying she misses your text, even though you overused the SMH technique earlier. But be careful, the birthday thing might be a trap. Cause when it comes to birthdays, they mostly care about theirs. Nevertheless, wish her well if you feel she's worth it.
Create A Thread / What does she mean
« Last post by Bio4reeel on May 20, 2019, 06:43:49 PM »
There is this girl I was chatting with sometimes back
I was using SMH and teasing on her frequently,
At some some point she stop replying me cos I was using too much SMH on her.
I realized my mistake,
So I decided to GOV her since then(like 2 months)
Fast forward to yesterday,
I saw her text reminding me of her birthday.
I don't even know her and she don't know me either.
What does she mean by that???
Create A Thread / Re: Is this going to go out well
« Last post by inzaghi on May 18, 2019, 08:56:07 AM »
There is another n others i distinguished them 1 2 3 4 n so on 
Create A Thread / Re: IHate technique
« Last post by AnswerMachine on May 18, 2019, 07:36:37 AM »
The only time you should ever message her again is if she messages you. Give her days, weeks, or even months. Give her some space. Only message her a day after she tries to re-initiate conversation or some hours later. When it re-starts, tease her and punish her.

Women chat with too many boring men, so one day, she'll remember the only fun guy she chats with (You) no longer message her and she'll be the one to send a message.
Create A Thread / Re: Is this going to go out well
« Last post by AnswerMachine on May 18, 2019, 07:30:33 AM »
It's a great chat. Don't message her again. In a week time, curiosity will make message you just to find out who you are. Women love to unravel mysteries.

Don't you have other girls to chat with? Archive and chat with other girls. If you send another message again, you'll end up looking like the needy one and she'll have the power.
Create A Thread / IHate technique
« Last post by inzaghi on May 17, 2019, 01:32:28 PM »
We've known each other for a while the rapport is good enough i tease her and talk to her the way i want , she doesn't mind tho , so last Sunday i purposely got angry with her so i can buy my time away from her so am not boring then i recently used ihate on her .
When do i break the ice ?
Create A Thread / Is this going to go out well
« Last post by inzaghi on May 17, 2019, 01:10:13 PM »
is this going to turn out well i think she stopped chatting . i know she will still come around , how do i achieve this .
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