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Create A Thread / Re: how to make her love me again
« on: October 24, 2018, 12:36:21 PM »
Work on your bedroom game. Doing same thing every time is boring. Knowing how to chat and make a woman love you is different from satisfying her in bed.

Create A Thread / Re: I need help
« on: October 10, 2018, 11:34:45 AM »
Thanks ***. I'll like to get my own copy. What about Mr friendzone?

Kindly contact the number or email here to grab a copy.

Create A Thread / Re: I need help
« on: October 07, 2018, 06:03:15 PM »

My name is Tayo and I am 25. I've only dated one girl and it lasted about 5 months  (that was before I gained admission) and since then I've been trying to hookup with girls I have a crush on but because I don't know what to say I get cold feet.

It's understandable, Tayo, so don't fret it.

Been in the University for 3 years plus now and I'm in my final year and I've not smashed any since my last.

Also understandable — still keep clam, the solution is with us.

What do I need to get my groove my back.

What do you need? You need to read The entire ChatDicted 1.0. It's will open your eyes. Download the intro here

If you have read it, then read Mr. Friendzone.

Those two books will change your life in the dating game. Take one step at a time. Read one first.

Create A Thread / Re: I need help
« on: October 04, 2018, 07:30:52 AM »

Create A Thread / Re: Feeling insecured
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:11:24 PM »
iLegend, could you please elucidate on Abundance Mentality.

It's more about making a woman jealous. Not obvious, but subtly doing it. Flaunt other girls. When you see a pretty girl, take a picture with her and use it as your DP.

If you're nervous to tell the pretty girl, open up and tell her your plan about making your girlfriend jealous and she'll laugh, then advise you not to make her jealous. Never mind, she'll still take a picture with you.

Some bad boys who are great in photoshop can do it without going out. I don't advise you use this technique.

With humor, you can talk to any pretty girl.

You are with a pretty girl in a public vehicle or anywhere, do this:

You: Why are girls more jealous than men?
Her: Racking her brain to give you an answer.
You: I want to tease my girlfriend by posting a picture of me with a pretty girl on my DP. I wish you're pretty I would've taken a picture with you.
Her: Lol or says something funny or crazy.
You: Are you related to Obasanjo?

After teasing her, finally take a picture with her with your front camera.

Then, tell her this: If my girlfriend gets jealous and we break up, I'm coming to your house with SARS for breaking my relationship.

Lace your talk with challenge and humor.

There are too many ways to having abundance mentality. The best way is wooing lots of girls and getting the hooked on you.

Create A Thread / Re: Feeling insecured
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:13:00 AM »
Great she has those attributes. Don't panic. It's easy to handle her as long you have confidence.

To be confident with such a girl, you need the following:

1. Humor
2. A little arrongance
3. I-don't-care behavior
4. Abundance mentality
5. Great in bed (extremely important)
6. Working on making money yourself too

Number 5 is extremely important because if you get to sleep with her and it's below what she has tasted before, then your chances are slim.

In the dating world, a pretty, intelligent, rich, and smart girl can only be submissive to a man who knows how to handle the bedroom like a pro.

If you look around, you'll see these kinds of girls dating mostly broke guys who aren't that handsome, but guess what? The guy is a monster in the bedroom.

No, it's not the size of his penís but the way he uses it like a pro without trying hard to impress her.

So, don't think too much of it, else, you'll start acting like a clueless nice guy.

Only alpha males can handle such girls, so act like an alpha and she will become submissive and yearn for you.

Make her invest in you, not you invest in her. Tease her with confidence. Don't be afraid to offend her. The more a woman invests in a man, the more she'll love him.

The best way to make her invest in you is to apply what is contained in the book, Mr. Friendzone.

To handle a woman who has her arts together, you must  have yours together too and to add to it, you must understand how the bedroom works. Even if you don't know it now, you can still learn it today.

To last long in bed, you need Lasticle.

Create A Thread / Re: Feeling insecured
« on: September 30, 2018, 12:13:10 PM »

Create A Thread / Re: I did it
« on: September 15, 2018, 03:41:22 AM »
Damn! Chatdicted is the magic. This book turned me to the next Zedicus Zul Zorander... I talkdicted her and confessed her like mother confessor and now, she be wanting me to act NICE! like wtf! Grls and their games sha.Duh! I'm smiling already.. It won't work. anyways, the name's VIPE`. It's nice being a part of this family. Peace out.
  ;D You got the power. Call all the nice guys to get their hands on ChatDicted 1.0 and learn the codes of the chatting and dating world. Here is the link to get the free intro:

Click to download. After download, request for the password in the comment section below.


How to Naturally Cure Premature Ejaculation and Last as Long as You Want in Bed – Guaranteed!

Lasticle will teach you all you need to know on how to cure your premature ejaculation and last as long as you want in bed.

 And also, how to make your penis bigger. If you follow the instructions in this book, you'll be among a small number of great lovers with stamina and endurance.

Say goodbye to drug abuse. Your mind is powerful. You’ll learn how.

Create A Thread / Re: i have downloaded it, remaining the password
« on: September 05, 2018, 03:25:31 AM »
i have downloaded it, remaining the password


The next day, I didn't call, but around 6 PM, she called and was sounding happy. Woman love romantic guys who are stubborn, a tease, naughty, humorous, and a hard to get leader.

When you are not always available, a woman will love you and when she's lucky to meet you, she'll value the time more than those clueless nice, needy, and desperate guys who are always available and cheaply throw themselves at her in exchange for sex. (Sex they can't even 'naturally' last more than 2 minutes except they use tramadol or other drügs.)

When you are too available for a woman, you lose your value. Luckily for me, I'm genuinely unavailable to both men and women. My time is precious — not even the most beautiful woman on earth can steal it. 

When you yield to a woman's sexual advances easily, you lose your value. When you refuse to yield after too many attempts, she'll soon suspect you, then hate you for rejecting her advances. Women hate rejections because they're not used to it.

They're used to hórny guys worshiping and drooling over them. When they meet people like us (ugly, but skillful) who got the dating game locked, the table turns around and they become the hunter.

She doesn't demand. The reason women demand is because you're not on demand. The more a woman knows you can get other women without spending a dime, the more on demand you become and the more clingy the woman becomes unlike men who try to use money to up their demands.

(Being on demand doesn't mean you need to be handsome or rich, but it means you need to know the game, know how women work, and know the right ESCOFi buttons to press at the right time).

If you use money to up your demand, it means you're not on demand and women will use you as their ATMs.

When they're done digging you, they'll drop you in pieces and you'll end up saying all women are gold diggers, but forgot you were the one who showed them the gold and gave them the shovel.

Why did I write this long article? It's because I want men to learn. Most men use money to find love. These men always get used by women.

Women don't fall in love with money, but with a man. Since this man has money, he flaunts his money and tries to use money to make a woman love him. Even slay queens love a man, not money.

After too many times of using money to make a woman happy and fall in love, she will finally fall in "gold" with the man's money, then starts digging.

At the end, she'll turn to a gold digger. It's not her fault. These men flaunting money and acting rich spoilt these women because they thought money can buy a woman.

NO! Money can't. The money will only make her start digging and when she's done and the money finishes, she'll walk away because there is nothing more to dig.

Now, the man will be complaining and calling women all kinds of uncanny names without knowing he's the cause. He has spoilt this woman and now she'll go into the world and dig more men or finally meets a man who doesn't use money, but wisdom to make her fall in love.

Read this scenario. Nigeria brought the white to help them drill / dig oil and in 2070, when oil finishes, do you want these whites to stick around and dig poverty? No. They'll leave the country and Nigeria will enjoy its poverty by itself.

After two years, Nigeria will find oil in Kaduna and the white man will say, "Oh! Great news you're back on your feet again. I'd want to come back to help you drill it."

This thing this oyibo man is doing to Nigeria is exactly what most women do to men who think they'll use money to get any woman. It's not a woman's fault, but the man's fault. It's not a white man's fault, but Nigeria's fault.

If you can't control what you have and decided or lead like a man, someone else will do it for you and exploit you. Don't blame that person, but yourself. Stop putting blames on women or people and be like Akon for once.

You see, those of us who know how women work don't spend and we get all we want from a woman.

Why? Because God didn't create women to fall in love with money, but with a man. These rich men want to alter what God has created to be by using money and this is why more than 90 % of relationships built with money can never stand the test of time.

The ones that do are the one built with love. Guess what? You can make a woman love you if you have the skill — it doesn't matter how ugly, short, or poor you are, but how you make her FEEL.

That original feeling that makes real women fall madly in love CAN'T be evoked with money. Money can only cloud her reasoning until she meets a man who speaks directly to her real emotions. The same way oil do to oyibos.

The lesson here is: men should make money not to use it to lure women, but to use it to feed themselves and feed the needy.

Women should only tag along while you enjoy your money. If she has finally become your wife without using money to lure her, then it's time to spoil her with money, great sex, and romance.

Never use money to make a woman love you. She will never love you, but she may give you sex and pretend to love you. Behind your back, something that will shock you is going on.

A woman fùcking you because you have money doesn't mean she loves you and a man fùcking a woman because she's beautiful doesn't mean he loves her. But there is a way to know if it's true love and that way is to get money out of the way.

Remember that quote above. "There is a way to know if it's true love and that way is to get money out of the way."

That quote has lots of meaning, but most of you won't see it.

Unfortunately, most men put money on the way and this is why most big boys / men's relationships always crash when the money finishes.

Now, the question is: how do I take money out of the way? The answer is: by being a good-bad guy. A man who knows how women work and not a man who thinks his money will work for him in getting and keeping women.

There are lots of characteristics of a man who knows how women work and 10 of them are:

1. He is focused in life and has an I-Don't-Care behavior towards getting into a relationship.
2. He loves women, but doesn't take bullshíts from women.
3. Despite not taking bullshíts, he doesn't abuse women physically.
4. He is great in bed and this gives him lots of confidence.
5. He has a sense of humor and he can make a woman smile or laugh.
6. He doesn't use money to impress women.
7. He is intelligent and witty.
8. He is romantic and naughty.
9. He is a troublemaker, yet friendly.
10. He is a good-bad guy  and a GMC.

A good-bad guy doesn't need a relationship, but relationship needs him. In the dating world, when you don't need something, that thing will need you.

When a man who has the above behaviors doesn't need a woman, a woman will need him. Conversely, when a nice guy desperately needs a woman, a woman will not need him, but turn him to her ATM or friendzone him. Read this book and never be friendzoned again:

In the relationship world, your neediness or desperation will be used against you and you'll look back with regrets. The earlier you become a GMC or a good-bad guy, the better for you.

Yes, make money, but don't use it to impress women, but to live a good life like Kanye.

The reason most men are making money is because of women even if they disagree. This desperation of trying to get any woman with money is the reason men go into any crime that will fetch quick money instead of using that time to learn a digital skill and start up an online business.

They have ignored this legit way and focused their attentions on crime just to get quick bucks to carry a light-skinned girl with big ass and breast in front seat.

Also, the reason men are so focused on quick money is to oppress other men and get their women. Trust me, the love will never last. It may last for some years, but its dooms day awaits.

Compare this with a relationship built by a guy who is doing something legit to make money, yet he doesn't use the money to lure women, but uses the good-bad guy's ChatDicted skill to get her.

Which relationship do you think has "love" and will stand the test of time? The answer is the legit guys who know how to ChatDict and how to handle women in and outside the bedroom.

In summary, women are not fools, but humans who want to fall in love with real men, not money. If you're a man and you show money too early in the relationship, you're the one spoiling her into becoming a gold digger and you'll look back with regrets and say, "Love is a scam — it doesn't exist."

Why won't love be a scam when you are lazy to read how women work? Love will continue being a scam for you if you don't read and open your eyes on how women work and how to handle them. Our books have all you need.

Take a look at this chat between this man and this angelic girlfriend called Queen. At the end, I'll briefly explain what happened. [Chat removed]

Here is the secret you've been looking for and any man who obeys this will never regret: you need to be financially stingy with a woman for at least 1 year while using humor, I-don't-care, confidence, and great sex to keep the relationship going like a bad boy.

If you do this, she'll be more hooked than a man wasting money on her. On that chat above [removed], you'll notice the women used the rich guy's money to buy the good-bad guy things. What is the difference between the rich guy and the good bad-guy?

The rich guy used money to get her, but the good-bad guy used his ChatDicted and romantic skill to get her. The rich guy thinks women fall in love with money, but doesn't know women only fall in "gold" with money and that's why she gold-dug his money while the good-bad guy digs her vagina and her real love.

Women are not fools or bad people — they just behave based on how the guy behaves or wants them to behave. Even the most intelligent woman or the most arrogant feminist wants a real man to control them, but not in a controlling manner.

As I said in one of my posts, women have two hearts and any man who ignores these two hearts and focus only on money will suffer. Do you want to know about those two hearts? Read this before it's taken down:

So, the reason women love me is because I don't waste money on them and I don't see sex as a big deal or as them doing me a favor.

In fact, I turn the table around and they become the ones begging for sex. Sometimes, they think I'm gay, but don't know I have got the bedroom game mastered and even written books about it.

I just pretend as if I know nothing, but they could feel I'm a good-bad guy by the way I carry myself with confidence, not arrogance. Yes, sometimes, arrogantly.

You can't have all these amazing skills and not be arrogant once in a while. Can you? You'll be shocked to realize women love arrogant guys, but that arrogance must be mixed with humor.

Let me give you an example of an arrogant guy and an example of arrogance mixed with humor.

Arrogant guy talking down on other guys:

Forget about those small boys and date men like us who have money.

Arrogant + Humor:

Forget about those small boys and date men like us who have money, but snake has swallowed the money.

Arrogant + Humor + Jokes:

To make it funnier or clownish, then add extra info like this: Forget about those small boys and date men like us who have money, but snake and monkey have swallowed it in Jamb's office last year. Now, I'm broke.

Humor and jokes are different things. Most people don't know this. People who crack jokes become clowns easily. People who evoke humor are the ones who have a sense of humor.

Can you see the difference? If you know how to mix words to evoke a certain emotion, you'll be successful in life. Obama is an example of someone who knows how to mix words to evoke any kind of emotions he wants in people.

I have stolen Obama's brain and modified it to suit men in the dating world. If you read any dating book written by Joe Clef, your life will never remain the same.

He teaches nothing but the real truth and in a simple to understand language. Even a primary school student will read and comprehend Joe's books.

I hope you've learnt something new from this short post. Oh, before I take my leave, let me tell you something about arrogance.

1. Any man who has nothing to offer but arrogant = insecure.

2. Any man who has something to offer but arrogant = proud.

3. Any man who has something to offer but arrogant and with a sense of humor = witty.

Finally, women love witty guys (but swindle rich guys) even if the guy is broke.

So, the experience this lady had with me will be more cherished and memorable in her brain than  a man buying her an iPhone.

Women are emotional creatures and romance trigger their happy and permanent emotion while material things trigger their temporary emotions.

None of our books is cheap or free, because what is inside will wow you, but we have something free to give.

To get started in reading our books, download ChatDicted 1.0 intro for free here

The book can be read in less than 30 minutes and it's about how to chat with a woman to get her hooked, but what is inside is more than that. You'll learn a lot.

Click to download it now:

That's all for today and yes, look for troubles, but make sure they're nonviolent.

So, your job is to offend women, or make them smile. Being happy is their job, not yours. Have you read our post on 7 reasons you should offend women? See link:

This girl doesn't demand and she's a beauty. All she wants is for me to love her back the way she loves me.

I called her one day after a week of avoiding her and she didn't pick. After an hour, I called again and she picked but was sounding unhappy and disinterested.

From her reluctant voice, I said, "What is wrong? Why are you sounding like a roasted pig?" And she absentmindedly replied with, "How do you want me to sound, Dear?" When a woman uses "dear" it means friendzone is near.

Since I have the formula on how humor works, I pressed one or two buttons and she started laughing. You see, women can't hate me for long because I have the key to make them angry and the key to make them smile through their mouth and through their vagina.

These two keys are important — humor and great sex, NOT jokes and good sex.

Since I was busy with something, I wanted to use money to push her away and preserve my time by saying, "I'll send you money to buy chicken or I'll send it so you can use it to buy card — choose one."

"No no no," she said, "I don't need chicken or card. I need you. I want to spend time with you." After two days, I met her in her street while she was going to the library to read for her exams.

It's was 7:30 PM. As I was accompanying her, it started raining, so we stopped at a shop. At the shop, I wanted to buy card but realized it will be better to buy it online. "Do you have credit on your phone?" I asked her. "Yes," she replied.

I gave her 1k to buy more since she's a beautiful liar. What do I mean by liar? She doesn't like demanding, so she'd rather say she has even if she doesn't. That to me, is lying.

It was still raining and there was light everywhere in her street since it's a turbine by Agip, not NEPA.

I bought groundnut and one or two other edibles. Luckily, the rain stopped at 8 PM, so we started walking to the library. I held her hand and periodically spanked her ass as we walked. Whenever she notices I want to spank her, she'll jump to dodge it. I love to spank — it's my hobby.

We got to my street, walked passed my house, but unfortunately, the rain started again, so she said let's go to my house, but I refused. Why? I'm dangerous. How? You won't understand. Let's keep it a mystery.

So, we ended up running into an open kiosk without light. The seller had gone. There was still light in my street, but the kiosk was dark. "I'm wet," she said as she refers to the rain wetting her body, but I spanked her and changed the wet to the other kind of "wet" and she laughed and said no. "I will wear your cap," she said. "No problem," I replied.

One thing led to another and as a veteran in the naughty bad guys zone, I started using my lips to tease her lips.

I'll act as if I wanted to kiss her, but wave it on the other side. "My kiss is not free," I said. "How much?" she asked. "You can't afford it," I replied.

"Tell me the price first na," she insisted. I grabbed her head with my two hands and breathe warm breath into her ear, said some naughty things, and she shuddered — I knew it sent some sweet sensations down her groin and that alone will put her in a hórny mood.

The neck, ear, scapula, shoulder, and earlobe of a woman are very sensitive when teased by a man who knows how they work.

After putting her in the mood, I decided to launch a kiss and she was in paradise. "Let's go to your house," she begged, but I didn't reply.

"I thought you wanted to go read for exams?" I said. "I can read in your room," she replied. "Na to carry belle dey hungry you — bad girl." I said and she denied it, then started laughing — she's so pretty.

We started kissing again and my JT was hard. She touched it and started grinding on it while on clothes. Luckily, the rain stopped at 8:51 PM and we hit the road again.

We got to express and I wanted to put her in a keke, then go back, but decided to accompany her to the library since it's just a 15 minutes walk.

It started drizzling again, but who cares? "Let's just do it," I said in my head. As we were walking on the road, cars were passing left and right and she said, "Carry me on your back."

As Mr. Romantic Lover Man and Mr. Adventure, I carried her. People and vehicles where passing, but we were just doing our thing as if we were in a different world.

I'm the kind of guy who doesn't care what people think as long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I love crazy things. (In fact, I can even bang a girl while people watch. I don't even mind swapping.)

As I was walking with her on my back, I was spanking her ass and she was smiling. A particular car flashed light on us so he could watch me spank her ass, but I said in my head, "See this ode — I won't spank again."

After some minutes, I dropped her on the road when I saw a suya joint. I checked, but the suya guy was about closing and I don't buy remnant, so we continued walking and finally saw a bar along the road with Wizkid yelling, "Joy, nothing but joy — every other day I see nothing but joy. When I was a little boy mama told me, boy chase your dreams and the sky will be your beginning," from the loud speaker.

On the other side was a military van and a suya joint with colorful lights everywhere as if it's Christmas. We went to the suya guy, ordered some and got a table as the music plays away.

Men and women were on different tables drinking, smiling, and pressing phone. Maybe, they were on dates, but for me, I don't to "boring dates" I do "naughty adventures."

The library's gate closes at 10 PM and it's already 9: 20 PM. The moment I wanted to sit, a guy rushed and grabbed my chair and I was shocked, then he started cleaning it — maybe it was wet, like Lilian.

In my head, I said, "Just to clean my chair, you almost scared me — maybe this is why there is a military van here because it seems everyone is violent."

I looked at Lilian and said to her, "Heineken will look good in your naughty mouth," and she's smiled. I knew this girl was hórny.

I got up to grab two cans, but they had only bottled ones. I went back to my chair and said to her, "I changed my mind. You're going to the library and I don't want you to go there and start tearing all the books," and she started smiling again. From her dilated eyes, I knew this girl wants to fùck and all these smiles are repressed anger.

The suya came and we started eating. She brought her chair closer to mine, leaned to hug me, then said, "If it's 10 PM and the gate is locked, I'll go with you."

Immediately she said this, I checked my time and it was 9:45 PM. "No, you're going to read," I replied, brought my dollar bill wallet, gave her some money to give the suya guy and use the remainder to buy the one she's eat in class or library.

We paid and I accompanied her. While on the way, she said, "I was almost wet at the kiosk." I smiled and replied, "I know, but Vick is on vacation in London like Buhari," and she laughed. To know about Vick technique, read this book called Mrs. Vicky & Mr. Vick

In 4 minutes, we were at the gate. Cars and people were still roaming around. Though, not much — just a few people. "Alright, take care," I said. "No," she replied and grabbed me. "Kiss me," she demanded.

"You haven't paid for the other ones I kissed you and you want more — what a greedy woman on debt," I said and she smiled.

I saw a girl on tight leggings walking towards us, so I waited till she's close before kissing Lilian to make the leggings girl uncomfortable, hórny, or jealous.

The moment the girl got close, I passionately kissed Lilian, spanked her ass, pulled away, and started walking away like James Bond.

"I love you," she said. "I hate you," I replied. "I hate you more," she replied again as she smiles, then says, "Please, use a cab," but I replied, "I'll trek — it's part of my religion, so don't worry, Honey."

Finally, I thought of using a cab, but decided to trek because something fun may happen on the road. Guess what? It did, but it's a story for another day. Everything you read is a true story and it happened yesterday.


This girl is 100% a wife material, but here I am trying to run away because the love is too much. From the chat, you could see she's not happy.

One thing men should know is: it's NOT your job to make a woman happy. Though, it's your job to make her smile.

Even God who created women can no longer make women happy, so why should you? Look at what Robert Mugabe said.


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