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MUST READ: This Is Why Women Love Me. If You're A Man, Learn Something New [Picture]

The title of this write-up sounds like someone who's about to brag, but you are wrong. I never wanted to write and reveal this because it's naughty and personal, but since typing is easy and I love to educate men, I decided to type and share it. Knowledge unshared is a wasted knowledge.

I'm not Mr. Prince Charming. All women seem to want a tall, rich, and handsome man, but what about us who don't have these qualities? Should we commit suicide in 3rd Mainland Bridge? No.

I'll share one or two things about myself and why women love me. I'm not a womanizer, but I like women I mean it (not for sex).

Am I contradicting myself? No. Despite liking women, I never take nonsense from women. Despite not taking nonsense from women, I'm never abusive, but "kind of" troublesome in a good way.

Do you remember one of  my quotes that says, "Look for trouble, but make sure it's nonviolent"? Yes, that quote is what all men need to adopt.

Since I was born, I have only been in 2 relationships. Why? Because when a woman loves me, she loves me more than the way 1 minute men love tramadol or watermelon.

With this, I became scared to commit because if I break their hearts, they may commit suicide or frustrate other guys in the future.

When a man hurts a woman who loves him, other (future) men will suffer in her hand. Women love revenge. Since I don't want other men to suffer, I had to avoid relationship.

The reason those two relationships didn't work out were "distance and me not always available." Those girls cried, but I didn't give much of a fck because I love being alone.

We programmers are focused with codes and we don't like relationship stress we would rather use the time to write codes. Ask my fellow coders like Mark Zuckerberg, Sen Osewa, Bill Gate, and co. We are nerds, so relationships don't freak us. In fact,  it freaks us out.

Now, this current one is probably my third relationship, but I haven't approved her yet. Let me share a short story of what happened yesterday.

I sneaked into a relationship with her without official proposal like nice guys do. Oh! Most programmers are nice guys, but I'm the odd one out.

I love women, but I don't waste my time (even if it's 5 minutes) with them. In fact, I don't waste my time with humans in general. The moment I notice I'm about to waste my time, I walk away.

Let's call this girl Lilian. She's light-skinned, beautiful, intelligent, and so on. As a good-bad guy, I ChatDicted her, then pressed her ESCOFi buttons.

In less than a week, she was madly in love with me. Since she's brought up in a religious home, she's extremely decent at home, but ready to be naughty with me.

I'm a naughty guy, so for you to be with me, you must learn to be naughty too. She wanted to come to my apartment, but I refused.

She is preparing for her final year exams. No day passes by without her calling at least 6 times. The love she was developing or has developed for me was getting too much, so I had to quench it by ignoring her.

Unfortunately, in the dating world, when you avoid or ignore a woman, she'll love you more even when she's angry with you.

So, I'm in trouble and I love looking for their troubles. The more I try to make her hate me, the more she loves me. I hate when people love me too much it gives me no room to offend them.

My motto is: "If you want to love me, keep it moderate and if you want to hate me, the floor is open."

I'll even sponsor you in your hate campaign by giving you more reasons to hate me with passion. At the end of the day, I don't care.


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