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Create A Thread / Re: 24
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There is this girl I met on Facebook, I collect her num and call her the next day at night fortunate for me she pick my call and I chat dicted her in my own knowledge 😃 lol, she was so attracted to me but I try to ask her out fortunately she accept me after so many attempt because her boyfriend just broke up with her, we hook up some days after I met her on Facebook because we are living at the same LG, but I notice that this girl like to talk a lot and sometimes when we are talking on phone at some point I won't know what to say anymore and she will be telling me to continue talking, we end up saying good night to each other, some days after we are dating, we agree to hook up again, she told me she won't wear bra when she was coming and promise me that nobody will know that she is not wearing bra but I later convince her to come to my friend place that we will meet there but it is not too far from there area.
That Sunday she came to my house, she was feeling shy tough but I take her to my friend room, we started looking at each other eye, she later told me to start the conservation but as a good guy I don't know what to say then she pick my phone started watching a movie and comedy but she keep looking at the time saying she will be leaving soon. While she was watching film she told me to say something but I don't know what to say..
At 6pm she told me she was leaving but I just pull her and she fell on bed instantly, I tried to kiss her and at first she said thats she is not interested but later she respond with a deep kiss, she we roll over and over, I touch her and didnt say anything but I'm afraid to have sex with her on a first visit because she will be thinking that I'm a bad guy....But she promise to visit me next my own house..
Please I need some solution to this following problem
How can I last long while chatting
Why can't I have sex with her or is it offensive to have sex with a girl on a first visit?
Is she also in need of sex at that moment?

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