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Title: That's The Crypto Spoken Alert App I Talked About [Pic]
Post by: AnswerMachine on March 14, 2021, 02:02:52 PM
That's The Crypto Spoken Alert App I Talked About [Pic]

/Copied from Nairaland/

I created a thread to explain the wonders of this free app in the image below and the wonders it does for me in alerting me with spoken words "market trend" even when I'm sleeping and how it's the best.

I even linked my Binance to it via my Binance API and I access all my Binance trades through this app it keeps everything organized and makes you stay focused.

News, trends, market cap, volume, history, etc. are all condensed in this app and it doesn't crash.

In fact, I also linked my Binance Smart Chain wallet to it. It's just the best alarm, portfolio, news, trends, etc. app on Earth. I use the paid version, but you don't need to buy it download it for free on Play store.

Below is a phone and speaker I have dedicated to the alarm. I don't use the phone for any other thing apart from the app and my second Binance account where I don't trade, but buy in dip and ignore for life. HODL! It focuses more on sport coins like Chz, For, Og, PSG, JUV, etc. These coins will explode in few months even during bear market. Why? Don't worry, I'll tell you in the future.

That phone you see there has a broken screen, but the money inside will change lives. In fact, that phone wasn't even working, but as a private phone repairer, I fixed it and turned it to a cash cow!

I have a lot to reveal for free, but if I do, this post will be taken down. A certain moderator is deleting all my meaningful posts and leaving the trash ones. Sad! Life goes on!

There is a way I set the app like a pro, but that's a topic for another day. Download it right now and thank me later.