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There is this girl that we'v been chatting all this while on a casual level on WhatsApp as friends (trying to sneak in)
I called some days back and I noticed I wasn't flowing well with her.
So I hangup and then text her that she was making the convo difficult for me.
The next from her was,
I don't want to talk to you,
Then I replied with a bit of anger,
That she should go and start conversing with her mutant ninjers(her Dp dressing) friends na.
She just block me after that,
So I tried to use one of the trick I  read in Mr friendzone eBook
The Gbwhatsapp and the normal WhatsApp trick.
Acted like a newbie with a different number,
I text er dis morning and I guess the opener was ok.
To my utmost surprise when I  check my phone this evening,
I saw her WhatsApp missed call.
A girl that has never called me before o.
Though text her after seing her missed call,
Said;wrong number, and that she is not my type of girl.bye
Probably she would hv block me by now!
How can I get this girl to unblock me(my real number) and probably make her start chasing me,without using the strange number trick(help)

Create A Thread / Best way to act around women
« on: November 03, 2018, 01:14:21 PM »
I will like to know the various ways in which a man should act around women starting from before wooing to wooing.
And the psychology behind each of those ways?

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