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Women Are Not After Your Money. Men Are The Ones Who Are After Women's Vagina

In the beginning were women. All they wanted was a real man (an alpha male), who could handle them in the bedroom,  protect them from danger, and stay strong and healthy with them as they work towards greatness.

There was something called gold and this gold was scarce only rich men had it.

Unfortunately, famine befell the land. Most poor families had no food or (gold) money. People were dying of hunger.

Some kind rich men with ulterior motives started giving gold to families they noticed had beautiful female children.

Sometimes, he (the rich man), will send a message for the female child to come take the gold or food to give to her parents.

These girls usually get enticed and raped by these rich men. To make her not to talk, he will promise to do more good things for her parents if she doesn't tell anyone. She will wipe her tears and agree with him.

After some years, these girls began to enjoy the rape + bribe to help their families. At this time, there wasn't any punishment for rape because it was a taboo no one wanted to talk about.

When this became rampant and the government heard it, they enacted some rules and punishment for rapists.

This was when the men started using money they would've given to the girls' parents to give to the girls as a bribe not to talk before the government hears it and jail them.

Unfortunately, some of these rich men were jailed by girls they raped and paid, but in one way or the other, the parents found out and reported to the government.

After some years, most of the girls said to themselves, "Wow! I enjoyed it, yet he still paid me because he doesn't want to go to jail."

After each forced sex, the big men will give out money and promise to do more if she doesn't tell anyone.

With is, these women realized men love sex and can do anything to get it, so they had to make it difficult for men until they pay more.

The more difficult these women acted, the more DESPERATE and compelled these men became to increase the money just for her to open her legs in a consensual agreement and not rape anymore.

This was when women realized their vagina could get them anything they wanted from these rich men, so they had to monetize it in exchange for gold (money).

At this time, hotels were only for tourists to sleep, but those big men started lodging there to run away from their wives.

While at the hotel, they'll invite these beautiful girls from poor families to come take some gold. Since it's consensual now, she will dress and sneak out to go meet him. After sex, he will give her the gold. These rich men did this with different beautiful girls from poor homes.

This happened for months, so the hotel's owner who is closed with the big man picked interest and asked the big man how he does it.

He told him he gives them gold in exchange for sex. With this new information, the owner of the hotel said, "When tourists come and they need sex, I'll use your method."

This was the beginning of having girls in hotels.

The newer generation of girls learned from the past and decided to upgrade the scheme. They asked themselves, "What do rich men like in us so we could enhance it and increase our price?"

These women listed:

1. big boobs
2. big ass
3. flat tummy
4. succulent lips
5. tight vagina
6. bleach my skin to look fair

Some of these women went on a goose-chase to enhance these parts of their bodies to entice these rich men and increase their gold (money).

Now, here is the problem. Young and broke men or boy who needed a girlfriend are now in trouble because their fellow men, (rich men) have turned our beautiful women to gold diggers.

Most women are now in a competition with their fellow women on who'll enhance their bodies more and dig more gold from these rich men.

A standard has been set by rich men and broke men / boys are now struggling to live up to the standard.

These young men who desperately need girlfriends work hard day any night just make sure they appear rich and attract these beautiful women who only associate with rich men.

The younger generation have forgotten our women weren't like this, their fellow men (rich men) caused everything.

As more female children are being born, they emulate the gold digging behavior from all these girls rich men have corrupted. This has turned to a pandemic and it has come to stay.

Women are not the cause, men are.

Luckily, the bad boys and good-bad guy are the only people who refused to succumb to the standard these big men had setup.

Women are still women despite the damages rich men have caused. If you can exhibit a good-bad guy's attitudes, a woman's brain will reset from the rich man's standard to the ape man's days of evolution where only the confident, fearless, ruthless, yet humorous ruled the kingdom.

This is a behavior bad boys / good-bad guys exhibit towards women and they 100% respond as if it's still the ancient days.

The current behaviors of women, prostitutes, slay queens, gold diggers, etc. can be reset at a click on a remote's button.

What is that button? We call it ESCOFi. Only bad boys and good-bad guys have access the remote.

This remote operates and works directly in a woman's mind. It can reset a woman's brain to her default ape days' behaviors of longing for only a warrior (a bad boy / an alpha male), not being enticed with money by a rich man who isn't a warrior.

If you're a young man and you want to get a real girlfriend or wife, act like a good-bad guy, not a rich guy.

Break the standard and set your own rules. If you fail to do this, women will dig you and use you the same way they do to rich men.

Rich men have created a monster in women and now these women have taken the game to another level.

Women are innocent our fellow men caused it. These women are now accustomed to money and if you refuse to pay after sex, they'll call you a rapist and tell the whole world.

If you're a young man and you don't have money, these women will look down on you. Why? Rich men have setup a standard and most of these women are from poor homes just the same way it were in ancient times. They need gold to survive.

Girls from rich homes don't do this. In fact, they prefer dating poor guys who are good-bad guys (alpha males) with a bright future, not money. When a rich man's daughter marries another rich man's son, it's because the boy is an alpha male or the parents of the girl warned her not to disgrace them by picking a husband from a poor home.

The poverty that befell the land 500+ years ago is still around and poor men's beautiful children are still being lured by rich men. Since technology has improved, these women have improved too. Some demand for houses, cars, big boutiques, international trips, movie roles, school fees, etc.

Since these rich men are not demanding sex from just one woman, but many, these women are also not demanding gold (money) from one man, but many.

God didn't create love or sex to exchanged with money, but rich men created it.

If you're a man, would you prefer to follow God's way (where sex was meant to be free), or rich man's way (where sex is paid for)?

As a man, you have two options:

1. If you follow God's way, all you need to get a woman to love and marry you is to be an alpha male with a future a good-bad guy.

2. If you follow a rich man's way, then you'll one day be used and dumped.


How do I become a good-bad guy to enable me get any woman for free and make the woman love and worship me instead of ask me for money?


WETCLEF books. If you read any of Joe Clef's books, your eyes will open to the realities of relationship world.

You'll learn how to handle women and break all the rules and standards rich men have set.

The standard is not for you, so break it.

Any man who refuses to break it will regret and suffer in the hands of women. She will cheat on you, break your heart, cause you depression and hypertension then, you'll die as a miserable man.

Now is the time for you to wake and open your eyes, else, you're doom period!

Yes, acquire a skill that will fetch you money to become a rich man, but don't act like those rich men who use money to lure women be an alpha male and invest your money.

God created vagina for free, so don't pay for it. Even Eve was created out of a man's rib. So, why should you pay someone who was created from 5% of you? "She's too beautiful," you said.

And so what? Isn't this mentality a sign of weakness, low self-esteem, and insecurity? Use your head, Son, not your dick.

Be a good bad-guy and watch women rush you even if you're broke.

To get started, download the free version of ChatDicted here

A woman blocking you is one of the things you're supposed not to take seriously. Yes, it hurts and it crushes a man's ego, but you're the cause. Learn to control your anger.

We don't encourage anger and abuse, but challenge and mystery. Only caution a woman when she does what you don't like and not to abuse her. Most people will prefer to be flogged physically than to be abused verbally.

You said you where having a casual conversation at the initial time? Why?

This was where you made the mistake. Don't have a casual conversation with a girl you intend to date, but a humorously naughty conversation. Make the naughtiness subtle at first.

If you like a girl and you start with a casual conversation, you're already in trouble. There is no sensual talk in those conversation.

You made too many mistakes and now you want to correct them, no, don't waste your time start with another girl and with this new girl, avoid causal conversation.

Casual conversation = friendzone.

Let your first interaction with a woman have subtitle sexual innuendo, mystery, challenge, and humor.

Any man who refuses to abide by this when ChatDicting a woman is friendzoning himself.

If you instead on getting her back to the old number immediately, she'll stop chatting with you. She has a fragile heart and picks offense easily.

So, stick with the GBwhatsapp and ChatDict her until she's yearning to meet you.

Create A Thread / Re: How to woo a girl
« on: Today at 12:22:55 AM »
Don't be depressed. Millions of men go through it. It's already psychological. If you don't handle the psychological aspect, no book will work for you.

How do you handle it? This is what you should do.

1. You MUST hit the gym even if you think you are skinny
2. You MUST refocus your mind on lasting long in bed, not wooing women
3.  You MUST start acting "arrogant mixed with humor" towards women an I don't-care-beahvior.

Hiting the gym to develop strength / muscles and lasting long in bed are extremely important.

They are the two thing that will change your mind and erase those thoughts your siblings embedded in your head.

They didn't call you ugly because you were ugly, they did it because you were stubborn and you offended them.

They called you ugly because they wanted to retaliate from  your stubbornness towards them and this is coming to hunt you at this stage. It's all in your head head. The more you think about it, the worse it will get that is how self-limiting belief works. You are the cause of what you're facing, not your siblings.

Since you're the cause, you need to carry the cross by not just thinking positively, but by registering at a gym center (if you do it yourself, you'll give up easily thinking it's stressful and difficult).

Then, you need to start jelping (penis) exercise to give you bedroom stamina. Do you know lasting long in bed boosts men's confidence?

Let me ask you a question: When you know you're not a 1 minute man, how will you feel around women? You'll feel extremely confident or arrogant. Talking about lasting long, I know you'll say, "Which girl am I going to use to practice lasting long in bed?" Fleshlight will help, Google it.

Did you notice the two things we want you to do are not about wooing women, but health, stamina, and confidence buildinh? When you achieve these two things, the confidence will make getting any woman easy.

Though, there are two more options which are:

1. Focus on making money and use money to get them (you'll only get gold diggers)
2. Focus on learning a digital skill (it will boost your confidence and fetch you money at last)

If you can boost your confidence, you can get any woman. Have you read Eye Confidence? Anyway, you said books are not working for you. If true, then practical of the above should work.

If you're daring, you can do all the things I listed above. If you don't want to dare, then I'm sorry there is no success for a lazy man. Get up and get started.

What about the Direct Approach @AnswerMachine


Direct approach is good, but it's the big man's way. This type of approach lacks depth, foundation, and bond.

Relationships based on this approach don't last too long because you didn't tease or create trouble you just went for what you want.

People who use direct approach a lot are mostly:

1. Typical bad boys
2. Play boys
3. Rich men
4. Famous men
5. Handsome men
6. Confident men
7. Tall men

Even if you have some of the above qualities, we recommend a situational opener because women are after how you treat them (how you make them feel) and not about all the things above. The things above are bonus to how you make them feel.

Example: Kiss Daniel using a direct opener.

You: Excuse me.
(She stops)
You: My name is Daniel. I would like to know you. Do you mind?
(She'll stand there feeling happy or nervous inside, but will suppress it.)
Her: Sure! But I don't know you yet.
You: Don't worry. You'll soon know me.
(He brings out his phone and gives it to her to type her number)

Did you notice how he acted nice by saying, "I would like to know you. Do you mind?" In this instance, he is seeking approval, but since he has some of the qualities above, he's doing it with confidence and the girl can feel it. Confidence is key. He wooed her in less than 2 minutes.

After exchanging numbers:

You: So, are you from here or you came visiting?
Her: I live around (or I came to visit a friend).
You: Alright. I'll give you a call when I get home.
Her: Okay.

He walks away or enters his car. This is direct approach. No games, no stories. Just get what you want and walk away.

A typical bad boy's direct approach:

You: Hey!
You: Damn! You gotta fine ass.
Her: Smiles (thank you) or angry.
You: Who are you making that funny face for?
You: Anyway, I like what I'm seeing. What's your name?
Her: Replies you or walks away.

Direct approach requires 100% I-don't-care attitude. It could be delivered responsibly or in a raw manner. People with abundance mentality use it alot, but we recommend situational opener because it creates connections and bond faster and it makes women laugh unlike direct approach which is like an interview, too forward, and most times rude. If you're a GMC, it doesn't matter.

Extra tips to what VIPE said.

Culled from


How to woo girls physically without breaking down?


To woo a girl physically, you need to know what you want and don't spend more than 5 minutes speaking with her except otherwise. No, you won't break down you're not a car. Neither are you going to woo her for 20 hours.

There are two ways we teach men on how to woo a lady.

 1.  Direct Approach
 2.  Indirect Approach

Under indirect, we recommend you use situational opener.

She's seated close to you in a place and you want to woo her, then use a situational opener. Use whatever she's doing, wearing, or holding to start a conversation.

Our advice to men is, don't jump around looking for women to woo, but woo when you accidentally bump on a lady you like.


Situational indirect approach.
She's wearing a pair beautiful shoes.

You: I like your shoe.
Her: Thank you.
You: Only thank you?
Her: Laughs. What do want me to say?
You: Never mind. Wait! I just noticed something.
Her: What?
You: This is exactly the same shoe my grandma bought in the 90s. Sadly, someone stole it.
You: I'm suspecting you. Are you sure you're not the one who stole it?
Her: Hahahahahaha. No o!
You: Show me your leg again let me take a closer look! 
You: [PE] Na the shoe be that. I don catch you today. Naughty criminal. SARS must hear this.

Lead like a GMC.

This is not a conversation for you to follow word for word, but as an example of a situational opener.

You need to be creative in coming up with your personal and unique lines on the spot. Don't go memorizing lines it will make you nervous.

Allow it to flow naturally after doing your practice at home. Everything you need is contained in our WooTalks book.

Ask as many relationship questions as you have. We will answer you as soon as possible. We have all the answers you need to every single relationship dilemma men and women face.

Quote from: horlartunes

So what should I do at this scenario now? I should ignore her or what sir what is my next step like right now tnx

Yes. Ignore all girls for two weeks as you read and digest ChatDicted. Don't chat with any woman except your siblings or parents.

Don't even pick their calls. This will increase your value. I don't like the fact you're acting needy towards women.

I know you want to sleep with them badly, but take it easy. Learn what is in ChatDicted first.

Create A Thread / Re: How to woo a girl
« on: November 18, 2018, 05:10:05 PM »

Create A Thread / How to Create a Thread (Picture)
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:52:06 AM »
See images.

From the WhatsApp screenshots you posted above, I 100% understand where your problem is coming from.

1. Lack ChatDicting foundation
2. High Desperadometer
3. Fear of offending a woman and losing her (Nice guy's behavior)
4. Too emotional and quick to fall in love (no abundance mentality)
5. Lack of Gov and PP (use them than you use your phone)
6. Fear of not making a mistake and getting rejected / blocked


1. Learn to offend women (if you don't do it, you'll regret)
2. Don't ever apologize (yet)
3. Don't explain yourself to an angry woman (tease her more until she she can't hold it anymore, then block you)
4. Always always always use PP and Gov. (If you don't use it, you can never progress in the dating world it's a magical trick all GMCs use to increase their values)
5. Before you chat with any woman EVER again, read ChatDicted twice to open your eyes. All you need are inside. Please, don't reply any woman again (even if you come online and they see you or message you), until you're done reading ChatDicted twice.

Your case is minor. You already know how to tease with humor, but you're not confident in yourself about your ability to lead like a GMC.

To be successful with women, you must be rejected, blocked, cursed, called immature / childish, idiot, etc. by women. The ability to conquer that and not get hurt is = alpha male.

If you haven't gone through it (women's crazy banter), you haven't started.

yes sir i need helpppp
Your desperadometer is high. You need to reduce it.

attached i need help,now shes pissed read my message didn't reply

You: what is what jor  ::)

you: so you mean you don't have that favorite one panty you wear more than others... Funke!

You: that's no fun NH.  :-\

You: oya what's your waist size,  I'm buying you a golden pant first thing tomorrow morning  8)

Great reply. From what I'm seeing, he has a faulty foundation with her. He didn't act like a GMC from the start, so she is shocked. The word "stalk" from the girl, has exposed his previous nice guy's behavior.

He needs to be brushed from foundation on how to use PP and Gov. That is what he lacks.

You are acting desperate and needy. That is the cause. Do you know what PP and Gov is? For her to call you "stalker," you're in trouble your desperation has shown. Kindly tell us or post more screenshots of your chat and we will give you the final solution.


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