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Create A Thread / Re: Computer skill
« on: January 13, 2019, 08:31:22 PM »
Don't listen to what they say—they are the lazy type and they always discourage people because they couldn't do it.

To learn an IT skill, you must have a computer—a desktop or a laptop.

The first thing you should improve is your typing skill by installing Mavis Beacon or any other typing software.

The second thing you need to learn is graphic design with Photoshop.

The third is web design with HTML & CSS.

They are easy to learn as long as you have passion. Do you know the richest men on Forbes' list started with the basics?

If you want to be rich or wealthy faster, then IT is the shortcut. Most of the wealthiest men in the world right now made their money there.

So, why won't you have passion on something that has the potential of making you wealthier than 100 best and richest footballers or musicians combined?

Think and get started. Look for a mentor on YouTube on those skills above. Try not to be overwhelmed with information overload. You don't need to know everything or mathematics to learn computer or acquire computer skills.

Mathematics is only for those who love studying theories of computer and science. Sadly, these people don't make as much as those who focus on practical without mathematical jargon.

Can you type fast on the computer without looking at your keyboard? If no, start by learning typing for 3—6 months, then move over graphics for 3—6 month, then to HTML & CSS for 3—6 months.

After these basics, you'll finally find your passion on the process and you'll now specialize.

Don't use Google to learn, but YouTube. When you're stuck, then call on Google or let us know.
thanks coach... not really fast but 18-20wpm, dont know if thats good enough. as for others, i will hit the youtube right the way like you said.

Create A Thread / Computer skill
« on: January 13, 2019, 03:17:11 PM »
I will like to get a skill, preferably ITC, But someone told me it has a lot to do with cramming, of which I am not really good at plus I don't  really have any scope in coding before now.

Please do I have a chance in this?

Create A Thread / Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
« on: January 12, 2019, 10:38:14 AM »
The guide is short, and it's: don't take relationships seriously—only nice guys do (or an alpha who has 5 months left before marriage), don't keep grudges, and don't speak with you girlfriend every day.

Don't date a woman who stays in the same street as you. Love needs some distance and some missing to make it strong.

When love is too close, it doesn't last. Why? Jealousy from the man when he sees her with other neighbors. When love is too far, it also doesn't last. Why? Opportunity to cheat.

Then, how should love be? Love should have some space for both parties to breathe. Not close, not too far, but some distance where both don't use the same road to work or to school.

Most guys make relationship mistakes the first day they meet a girl. They never offend women early with humor. They do it late without humor.

Offending a woman makes her angry, but adding humor to it makes her confused. In your case, you did it without humor.

You need to keep women FOREVER confused if you want to be successful in the dating world. This is called mystery or unpredictability.

Question: How do you do it?
Answer: A little arrogance + Humor + unavailability + challenge + intrigue.

We don't give people things to say word-for-word, but we give a template they can modify to make themselves unique.

Our mission is to make our students be their own bosses in the future.

In your case, the template is: Get busy with other things (while still learning how women work). If your life is meaningless without her, then I'm sorry for you and you don't deserve to be called a man.

When a man is idle or doesn't have a computer skill he is desperately learning, he desperately channels ALL his emotions (or at least 60%) on a woman.

Also, when a man sees himself as "being lucky" to get a girl for the first time after years of struggle and rejections, he does everything possible not to lose her. Guess what? That is the fastest way to lose a woman.

A comprehensive guide? That is the same thing as writing a new book when we already have books on everything about handling a woman and sex.

Read Mrs. Vicky and Mr. Vick to see a comprehensive solution.

Thank you coach. I am Ever grateful. It just occurred to me that I have taken the relationship too serious but you won't blame me,that's because she showed some home values that I prioritise in a relationship— cooking for me and being submissive. I will work on myself, she came to my room yesterday to greet me though and I understand she was really pained by my actions.

I will act with your advice and discretion hence . Many thanks coach.

Create A Thread / Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
« on: January 11, 2019, 05:09:56 AM »
You're on the right track, but you made some mistakes. You shouldn't have gone back after you left. You lost your balls like a sissy.

Don't be emotionally angry with women, but you're allowed to pretend to be. Anger is a disease, so learn not to be deeply angry, except you're faking it.

From your post, you still have 60% Mr. Nice Guy in you and the cause is: she's your only option at the moment and you don't want to lose her because she means a lot to you and you've shared some good memories with her.

This is the disadvantage of having only one girl to speak with and being too close to a girl.

If she keeps seeing you walking around single, she won't want you back, but if she sees you in the midst of other girls having a swell time, she'll get jealous and want you back.

At this moment, she has the power. Why? Because you went to her house to beg her, which you stylishly coined as, "Make her understand." What do you want her to understand? Your sperm count? 

In this game, called courtship, you need to be mentally ruthless and kill your emotional side, but don't act on it every time.

In dating, take all the blames, but don't emotionally blames yourself.

Real men don't make women understand, they ignore and get busy with life.

Drama is fun, and it makes a relationship last long as long as the guy is good in bed, but in this one, you're the loser because you acted emotionally just because of food.

Yes, it's good for a man to fake being emotional just to trigger drama, but begging, explaining, or making a woman understand is bad.

You as a man, you are always right, but don't it with her or try to prove if. For women, they always think they're right too and they love to argue it till a man understands.

Learn to ignore women when the drama has been triggered and also learn to flaunt other women even if you're not dating them.

Have female friends—it makes a man look attractive and irresistible to other women.

When a woman and a man get into a fight, the first person to reach out for reconciliation or clarification is the loser and the one who has invested more emotion. This person will get hurt at last.

Yes, it's good to let your ego down and call for a resolution, but that is the work of a woman, not a man.

Being too available makes a man lose value in a woman's eyes. Yes, the drama you've caused is 100% perfect, but your fragile emotion is bad.

I guess your pastor has told you to be nice to people and never be arrogant. He is wrong. Being a pastor doesn't mean he knows everything. The dating world is different—you need to be a little arrogant with a mixture of humor.

Don't apologize to women—except it's with humor and some tease. You can apologize to your fellow man, no problem.

So, you have messed up for going back to her house. This was an avenue for you to use to take back all the power, but your emotional side pushed you in 60% sissy, 40% alpha.

Thank you boss, I know I could count on you scopes. But please I ask for one thing which is a comprehensive guide to handle this situation effectly like the ALPHA you want me to be. 🙏

Anticipating your reply.

Create A Thread / Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
« on: January 09, 2019, 03:32:31 PM »

Good afternoon boss.
Having digested your instructions yesterday, as I was about leaving for fellowship, she met me and asked me to get her a drink while returning of which i agreed but right in my mind I knew I wasn't gonna buy it.

Fast forward to when I returned, I was welcomed by her call asking me if I will eat that she made something and I should come over to her room. After dropping the call I was now thinking what to say to her as I was thinking if I should go or not then she called again asking me to come on time.

When I came in, she was already eating and almost through with the food, she welcomed me and asked me to sit. The next question was where is her drink? and I said I forgot that it's late now I would get it for her tomorrow she got angry and said I should forget about the drink, I shouldn't bother again, as I tried to make her happy.

I now asked her where is the food you called me to come eat? She was all attitude, never wanting to talk and I was really hungry. So she replied saying that she can't make it now but can fetch little soup for me so I could make the food for myself, I got angry and asked her to forget about it as I walked out of her room.

Few mins later she came into my room with the food prepared and said here is my food and I replied her that I am full I have eaten somewhere else, she can take it back of which she refused as she tried persuading me to take it, that it's embarrassing for her to take it back in the presence of my roommates, I got angry as I left the room for outside.

When I returned about 40 minutes later, she might have left but not with the food, as I took the food to her room and dropped it there and walked away. On reaching my room my conscience wouldn't allow me because she said she was gonna throw the food away and that thought didn't really go down well with me so I went back to her room, sat close to her and was telling her to try to understand how I work next time, that she shouldn't throw the food away I will take it tommorow. As I tried reaching for a hug she got angry and pushed me away so her roomie came in then I left.

This morning I saw her but didnt make any utterance. As I was about going out, went to her place, we greeted as I was reaching for a hug she pulled away. Saying I should leave. Hearing this I was angry and I left because she doesn't look like someone that wants me around.

I took my time to explain this so I can be sure I am on the right path with the decision I am about taking which is "" to go on a break, no talking when we see, no text, no calls"" as I am set to face whatever comes from it.

Thanks boss as I anticipate your wisdom on this.

Create A Thread / Re: I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:46:07 AM »
very true everything you said except for the ''lasting in bed'' because she always complain i dont come and she likes to see it. where i think i feel insecured is in the aspect of sense of humor and great conversational skills, this i have really been trying to see how i can fix. thanks. 

Create A Thread / I am catching feelings and it's dangerous
« on: January 06, 2019, 03:49:05 PM »
Please I need your counsel on this.

There is this girl in my place of assignment, I met her, went on a date, we kissed on first date, we even almost fucked but distraction from friends stopped that . Finally finally we got to fuck each other at some point and it continued that way.

My problem now is whenever I am around her, there are lots of fishy things about her, like I feel she isn't trustworthy and she is fucking plenty of guys and as the days goes by, I find myself developing feelings for her even though I tried to hide it by sometimes acting like I don't care, it's really eating me I don't know what to do because I feel giving her my heart would be risky. Thank you sir.

Create A Thread / Re: Feeling insecured
« on: October 03, 2018, 02:52:01 PM »
Great she has those attributes. Don't panic. It's easy to handle her as long you have confidence.

To be confident with such a girl, you need the following:

1. Humor
2. A little arrongance
3. I-don't-care behavior
4. Abundance mentality
5. Great in bed (extremely important)
6. Working on making money yourself too

Number 5 is extremely important because if you get to sleep with her and it's below what she has tasted before, then your chances are slim.

In the dating world, a pretty, intelligent, rich, and smart girl can only be submissive to a man who knows how to handle the bedroom like a pro.

If you look around, you'll see these kinds of girls dating mostly broke guys who aren't that handsome, but guess what? The guy is a monster in the bedroom.

No, it's not the size of his penís but the way he uses it like a pro without trying hard to impress her.

So, don't think too much of it, else, you'll start acting like a clueless nice guy.

Only alpha males can handle such girls, so act like an alpha and she will become submissive and yearn for you.

Make her invest in you, not you invest in her. Tease her with confidence. Don't be afraid to offend her. The more a woman invests in a man, the more she'll love him.

The best way to make her invest in you is to apply what is contained in the book, Mr. Friendzone.

To handle a woman who has her arts together, you must  have yours together too and to add to it, you must understand how the bedroom works. Even if you don't know it now, you can still learn it today.

To last long in bed, you need Lasticle.
Thank you baba. I know I need improvements, I will

Create A Thread / Feeling insecured
« on: September 30, 2018, 11:51:14 AM »
Sir please I need a little counsel from you.

I met this girl where I am serving now, she is just what I want— brilliant, intelligent and street smart like business. She is someone I will like settle with.

But I have a problem, how do I keep such kind of girl humble and submissive.? Because she is making a lot of money and brims confidence. In as much as I like her, I feel insecured around her because of these attributes of hers, all the years I have lived to think only a man should have such attributes. Thanks sir

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